Tudor Bompa Training Concepts & Opinions

Hi!, I wonder what book to choose a more ambitious ( i read ross books), interested in a book Periodization-5th Edition: Theory and Methodology of Training Tudor Bompa. But I read in the other forum text in this book is old and the new edition is just new tables etc. He sugered linear periodization and he like virtually nothing written about block periodization, like linear periodization is outdated and incorrect. Like new and correct information gives Vladimir Issurin in his books ‘‘Block periodization’’.

What do you think?

Yuri verhoshansky supposedly obsolete also provides information on training.

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“Block Periodization” was much more comprehensive. Check that out before you read Bompa’s book.

Jesus I am a nerd. I own both of these books.

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Hi, thanks for answers :slight_smile: I I am a beginner Athlete and i have 15 years old, recently occurred to me the desire to read a decent scientific training book. I Not interested in bodybuilding, I prefer building Maximal strenght, power, speed, condition and others (for combat sports and others). But I think I heard that alternative linear (bompa methodS) are better than block periodization for Beginners. I should add that I can not too good english, Tudor Bomp Periodization-5th Edition: Theory and Methodology of Training is in my language.

I should add that I have no intention for now to compete in any competition, it is essential for me to make fast progress as possible in one year.

I’m a little disgusted by this because excited a little on the Bompa book and just recently I read that he has the old methods.

What do I advise?

Thanks so much! :slight_smile:

I read this Theory and Methodology of Training 5 edition, my view | fredkochtraining

oo so 5th edition is worse than 4th?

For a beginner, just pick a proven program and stick with it consistently. It almost doesn’t matter for you as long as you work hard.

Ok, but I want to better plan your training so as to have maximum growth and to avoid the example of overtraining or injury. I just want to read some good books on training, because even I like it. I would like to arrange a plan spread over a whole day and nowhere have I seen such plans.

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My vote is still for “block.” It is a better book written by a smarter author. Also, Block Periodization lays out several training programs and templates. Bompa does not mostly because he has stolen all his ideas from older Soviet coaches.

Hi ! thanks, i ask Fred Koch on the Theory and Books Bompa Tudor Periodization-5th Edition: Theory and Methodology of Training. He wrote it:

My advice to you is find on of the earlier versions of TMT , 3rd, 2nd or his book Periodizations training for sports the 2nd edition. I have been Tudors #1 student in strength training for over 20 years. The fifth edition is not a good view of his theories. As for all these theories on which is better. Well, as you move along in sports you will learn that everyone has own view.

Personally I have used Tudor theories for 20 years and have never failed to get results. Most of the people that have talked against him have never trained anyone. They talk in theory about elite atletes, which I doubt you are yet. The co-author in the 5th edition for example , never did or never knew anyone that did tudors programs. His a college professor who is a good writer that was hired by the book company for the 5th edition.

Attached is a free copy for you of the material I use in the sport certification classes.
Good luck young man and do excately what you did with me. Ask questions and decide for yourself.
Best regards
Fred Koch

So …? Bompy theories are not super-interesting( but his teories are good mostly in beginners ) and the 5th edition of the book in general, does not show good Tudor Bomp concepts, and is even worse than his orginal ideas it?

But the problem is because I am from Polish my English is poor, Tudor Bomp 5th edition is translated into Polish, Vladimir issurin block training is only in english, so very hard for me would be to understand the book in English so hard to read even for the English people.

Pavel Tsatsouline all books are translated to Polish, so?

I generally depend on this to get some good knowledge there about workouts and how our body during training.

thanks in advance for any advice

Generaly alternative linear periodization by Tudor Bompa ( Tudor Bompa periodization are not classic linear periodization ) is better than block periodization for BEGINNERS ?

[quote]Lukaszenka wrote:
I should add that I can not too good english[/quote]

Trust me, you didn’t have to add that, ha.

[quote]black_angus1 wrote:

[quote]Lukaszenka wrote:
I should add that I can not too good english[/quote]

Trust me, you didn’t have to add that, ha.

Sorry my english is bad and google translator does not translate too fine. The point is that my language is just : Bompa Periodization 5th, Pavel tsatsouline naked warrior beyond bodybouliding abs, and any book that seems to be good and thick with muscle strength training (there are no condition, endurance training).

I asked Gregory Haff on case on Tudor Bompa periodization and he wrote me this:

There is no such thing as linear periodization. There is periodization and
not periodization. The new version of the book explains this very

Guy Gregory Haff, Ph.D., C.S.C.S.*D, FNSCA, ASCC
Senior Strength Scientist
Course Coordinator and Senior Lecturer-Strength and Conditioning
Edith Cowan University
Joondalup, WA 6027

This is right really?

Haff helped Bompa write that book. He wants you to buy it so that he gets your money. I still think Block is better, for any level.

Ok, could you explain to me why you think that the block is better? And apparently Haff knows that block periodization is better and wrote for the. But I have this book can be fully free, in total book going to me. But I do not know whether it is worth it to learn anything. After the description on amazon.com I found that this book is great and I have it but now I have mixed feelings about this book and did not even know whether information contained in it are still valid and true. And from what he wrote to Fred Koch Bomp in general did not participate in writing the fifth edition.

So this book is best to give to the library or to some friend, and buy issurin or other? but I do not know English so good to read hard books in english but in my language probably will be in some good measure of the publication.

Thanks all for responses.

Hi, i again ask Dr.Haff, He also wrote that you think that training block is better, and that he would want me to buy his book, but I wrote to him that, and so do not buy because I get it for free from a certain institution. He wrote me this:

I have talked with Dr. Issurin and we are in agreement that there is no such
thing as linear periodization, he even mentions this in his review paper in
published in the journal of sports medicine. If you read the orignal
research on the topic by Matveyv, Harre, and Nadori that there is no such
thing a linear periodization. The terminology is a mis representation of
the model. All correctly periodized models utilize both microcycle and
mesocycle fluctuations in training intensity and volume, so effectively all
periodization is non-linear. The original work appears linear because of a
misrepresentation of the figures. These original figure are for mesocycle
averages for training loads, but do not show the intraday variation which
makes the load non linear. In fact recent work by Painter et al shows the
daily undulating model of Kraemer and Fleck, which is touted as non-linear
to be linear on training intensity (RM zones = training to failure all the
time) and result in very high monotony and strain scores (unpublished)
which lead to a 100% injury rate. Additionally, Harre in his seminal text
(which promotes a model similar to that of Bompa) clearly states " you
cannot develop athlete linearly"

Periodization is a training paradigm in which you manipulate training
variables in order to maximize performance and physiological adaptations at
appropriate times. The model of Bompa is very similar to that of Issurin,
the only difference is that Issurin shortens the phases. In our book we
also talk about the same key items that are germaine to block
periodization, which relates to training residuals and vertical and
horizontal training sequencing. The classic model of periodization is
very much effective especially for the novice athlete. As noted by Plisk
and Stone in their seminal article the novice or developing athlete
requires longer phases of development and as such the classic model is very
effective. As the athlete develops more advanced applications of
periodization and then you can spend less time in multilateral development.
I refer you to LLoyd et al. and their long term athlete development
model, which fits nicely with periodization. The more advanced models
are for more advanced athletes.

Dr. H.

I read a few articles on periodization, so rather say that Bompa methods are good. I think even better than the block periodization for begginers, or is obtained very similar results.

This is now almost 4 days you have already wasted. Just pick one and do it for 10 years. Everything works. Good training plans work better than bad training plans.

Pick one and start it today!

You’re right, in truth Bumpy 5th edition of the book has me going, but this time, instead of looking for bad reviews on the book Bompy I can do something useful.

So ok, i read Bompa book, and a later time, I read Vladimir issurin book.

Could someone make me a pdf book Misurina? because in my country you can not get (prawodopodobnie even look for), the order of America for $ 65 + $ 65 for 2 honor and to pay a lot of money for an item, because you can tell that I’m poor.

In my contry i only find this in Issurin block training:
Tytuł: New tendencies in sports training - a review of the monograph by Issurin intitled “The block periodization of sports training” / Vladimir Lyakh, Adam Zając, Przemysław Bujas
Źródło: Journal of Human Kinetics. - Vol. 27 (2011), s. 205–220
in the library

Because without books Issurina as I learn about the latest concepts of block training? (this is still a book in pdf SuperTraining created by Mel Siff and Verkhoshansky, but I think that block periodization of this book is not as modern as V.Issurin)

I am curious about what country you’re from???