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Tudor Bompa Interview


Hi guys,

check out this interview with Tudor Bompa!



nice… i like “thetrainingtalk.com

"But those who propose conjugated method (I presume they propose to do everything at the same time) have a very poor understanding of the needs of applying sports physiology to create training plans. "

Why? the body can only do one thing at once? Motor learning is best during “randomized” stimuli, instead of “block” stimuli… if the elements that drive movement adapt this way, then why can’t we train at least two different strengths at the same time? a single bout of maximal strength work can improve explosive strength for days… reactive/explosive strength exercises can be performed prior to a maximal strength lift (1RM), and have been shown to effect significantly the 1RM (in a positive way)… maximal strength lifts can be performed prior to an explosive lift, in highly trained athletes this will improve the explosive lift.

if motor learning & programming responds better to “conjugate” stimuli, then why would we use blocks that attempt to specifically train one quality.

i think the real comment should be: “people who are extremely organized will never understand someone who implements conjugate periodization, and someone who is at all chaotic will generally use more of a conjugate system”.

thats a dumb statement, but for the most part i’d bet 1 food-stamp its true.

“Remember: Youâ??ll never be fast before you are strong!!!”

Right… many ways to get strong though, people shouldn’t take this as squatting/“hill raise”.

“I really resent the methodology of daily alternation of muscle groups (i.e. Monday arms and shoulders, Tuesday abs and chest, etc, etc.). By training a given group of muscles every 5-7 days bodybuilders believe that this alternation will allow the body to properly recover prior to the next training session! This is a methodological fallacy! Why?”

K, then why does it work? der.

this reminds me of a study i saw on rats recently, who trained 5x/week the same movement, and were rewarded to do so… they were so damn stupid & happy to get that reward, that simply working hard day in and day out allowed them to increase the initial load they lifted by 500%… im not calling bodybuilders stupid, im just saying that constantly pumping up your muscles & looking good in the mirror is a reward that makes depleted glycogen stores look like h0gwash.

TTT: What do you think about testing events such as the combine? Waste of time or useful?

“TB: Testing has to target the energy systems and motor abilities dominant in a sport. Normally, this is not the case. Coaches follow some testing methods they have learned irrespective whether they address the needs of the sport they are involved in. My suggestion is to take a fitness evaluation book and select the tests that are referring to the abilities needed in your sport.”

5-10-5 pro shuttle, 3-cone drill, 40, broad jump, vertical jump, position-specific drills, and oh ya, bench press.

here’s why bench press matters in football… it’s fun to brag about.

“Do I have regrets? Yes, that there is still so much ignorance in training, planning, periodization. That there are so many crooks promoting â?¦rubbish! Those little things, not important at all, such as balance training, is promoted as an essential element for performance improvement! Etc, Etc.”


very bored & decided to question replies of a coach who has done alot more than i have.