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TUDCA in Canada?

I’m in Canada and having a hell of a time finding TUDCA in stores. Walmart, shoppers, guardian, bulk barn and GNC don’t carry the product and can’t find it in there ordering programs to stock it for me. All they suggest is Milk Thistle. As far as I’m concerned milk thistle serves a purpose for day to day health but has no real known effect on the combating for oral use.

Does anyone know any place that may carry TUDCA besides Amazon? Maybe a UGL/online for a fair CAD price?
Or possibly if my doctor is someone i can ask to prescribe it to me? Pharmacists have not shined any light on the ability to get it as a pharmaceutical drug, and its definitely not common OTC product here.

Go for the app U buy. U will definitely find it there. I found there only.

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interesting…I live in a small town in northern Alberta and my local health food store carries it.

Weird. I’m in NB right now and can’t find it. What is the store called?

Ill have to check the health food stores around here some more tomorrow I suppose.

Feel Good Health. I’ve been in a lot of health food shops in my life and have never seen TUDCA before now.

Wonder if someone in power there uses it for the same reasons we do :wink: your lucky to find it local for sure. Its been a long hunt so far here. What’s the cost and amount you get per bottle?

Amazon is like 70$ for 60 caps in canada for like 30$ in the states

Amazon 35$ just gotta cap it yourself. Came from Australia and took a month but worth the wait

Apologize for the delay in replying - just re-stocked today. I pay $65.70 CAD for 120 caps of 250 mg ea. (not cheap). The owner’s husband is a bodybuilder so he insisted on carrying the product in the store. Good luck with the capping!

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