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Tudca Daily Dosage?

Hey just curious about the dosage of tudca. I see some things saying 250mg a day and some saying 250mg morning and night. Any help would be appreciated!

Twice daily, 1 in the morning and 1 in the evening. Make sure your running orals or something hepatotoxic. Otherwise they will do harm, beings the bile duct is already clear. I would suggest using NAC as well 3 times daily 600mg per.

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Unless you’re running something very hepatotoxic you shouldn’t really need TUDCA. NAC should be sufficient for most orals.


@iron_yuppie - Would you consider VAR to be in the hepatotoxic category?

It is, but not to the degree that TUDCA would be required. NAC should be enough, assuming you’re not running suicidal doses of the var.

Actually there is data showcasing in participants given 20mg daily for 2 weeks, a small majority had liver enzymes increase over 2x the top of the red range

Other data indicates any dosage above 20mg daily induced significant increments in LFT’s… furthermore the absence of an elevation within liver enzymes doesn’t correlate to no cellular death occurring. Whilst the liver is remarkable regarding its ability to regenerate, it isn’t bulletproof and repeated abuse increases numerous long term risk factors.

Whilst oxandrolone is primarily metabolised/excreted renally (bringing up concern relating to nephrotoxicity), it still appears to exert significant hepatotoxicity within a select few

I apologise if this comes across as arguementative, not intending to be facetious. I thought however given the topic at stake it might be relevant or even helpful to point out that oxandrolone isn’t as safe as many make it out to be

I wasn’t arguing that it’s safe. Rather, TUDCA on its own can be bad news. It only really works when there’s a need for it. If your liver isn’t under huge stress the TUDCA can actually do more harm than good.

Edit: this is from a study I cannot currently find. As such please take this as merely the memory of someone on the internet and not as gospel. Thank you.

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Agreed. That being said, perhaps if it’s an individuals first time using anavar they should get LFT’s tested mid cycle, if liver enzymes are say 1.5-2x top of the ref range with nac/curcumin/ other liver support supps then Tudca could be implemented

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I cant find any info on tudca being bad for you under any circumstances. link?

I’ve been looking for it all morning. I wanted to post it within my reply but was too lazy. It’s based off of a study done a few years back, but if I can’t find the link (my God my bookmarks look like they belong to a med student on meth) then I’ll edit my original post.

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