Tubbynewb's Long Road to Not being a Busted Up Camero

First things first, welcome to my thread, here you will read about the trials and tribulations involved in converting me, Tubbynewb, from the very overweight and out of shape human block of camembert that I am into a healthy and happy individual.

I have some goals some easier to achieve than others, some possibly unreachable but they are what I am going for non the less.

As this is a public forum you are all free to say whatever you like in response to my posts, your constructive criticism is welcome, but if you decide to just come in and hang shit on me to get a reaction I will probably tell you to fuck off at best.

My writings will be full of fruity language, I realise It lowers my intellect to stoop to profanity as a means of expressing myself but sometimes its just what the doctor ordered plus careful selection of cuss words can make a sentence a lot funnier.

My writings will also be full of self depreciating talk, this is not designed to garner sympathy and elicit an outpouring of praise, this isnâ??t grade 5 when I say Iâ??m a fat piece of shit who has wasted the great gifts god gave him, I honestly mean that I am a fat piece of shit who has wasted the great gifts that god has given him.

My writings will also be full of spelling and grammatical errors, I will attempt to correct them, but I will still make some mistakes. If you are truly offended by my gross disregard for the rules of the English language please feel free to offer to be my editor, forever setting yourself up to correct my punctuation lack of capitalisation and frankly abhorrent spelling.

Those of you who are coming here from the link in Chrisâ??s thread thanks for the support you have already shown me, this post will probably have a few more car analogies but then ill peter them out in favour of something else only to have them come back again at some other stage.

300andabove thank you very much for your offer of support. Because of the early stage I am at and previous failures I would like to prove to myself, and a couple of others, that I can stick at a course of action for a period of time and make the right choices consistently, before undertaking something like the velocity diet. I have a program which I think suits my needs at the moment, but when the time comes and I start to plateau badly you will probably find yourself bothered with questions and requests for help.

{For those of you who haven’t read Chris’s blog I commented in there and compared myself to a broken down 79 Camaro with only 3 wheels and a sign reading unfinished project who wants to be the head turning show piece; it was funnier the first time.}

My diet over the last 5 weeks has been fairly bad after being quite good for about 4 weeks. I want it to go back to good and to stay that way for about 6 months.

To start off with I wont be working out ratios of carbs and fats and protein. I will be consuming more protein, and a lot less saturated fat and sugar. When my progress starts to slow up I will become stricter, but if I go very strict to start off with again I think I will probably last for a while and then fall apart again. I figure so long as what I eat isnâ??t crap food I will still make good progress for now.

I will be away from computers from the 18th of September until the 6th of October, so if you start reading and then I stop posting, I havenâ??t given up or died, I will be back.

So onto how I did last night with my complex.

To use the same analogy of the busted up Camaro with only three wheels, I found a fourth wheel tried to put it on but it didnâ??t fit, I pushed and pushed and by the time I found the right wheel I was to knackered to put it on or do up the bolts.

Translation, I used too much weight in my complex for the setup I was using, i.e. no bumper plates old school non Olympic no bearings in shaft bar. The dead lifts of both kinds were very easy, as was the row, but the cleans were quite hard and when I went to do my front squats, well that little dizziness problem that I have been having* kicked up and I wasnâ??t able to do them. I lowered the weight and did a set of bodyweight squats, held onto my washing line as I tried not to pass out then went and did the push presses did another set of bodyweight squats and tried not to pass out again and then decided that a good morning wasnâ??t the best exercise to be attempting at that time and it was time to reduce the weight.

I lowered the weight but the damage was already done, I had taxed myself a little too much and was unable to safely continue. This does not mean to say I see it as a complete failure. I would have much preferred to have just gone home looked at pictures of t vixens and eaten cake but I went home changed and attempted to work out.

I was beaten but I didnâ??t get thrashed, and ill be able to have another go soon.

This morning I didnâ??t have doughnuts for breakfast, I had an Aussie Bodies protein recovery drink instead. And while I felt satisfied that I made a better choice than I had for quite some time I wasnâ??t actually left feeling satisfied.

To start off with after finishing the drink the inside of my mouth tasted a little like I had just tossed the salad of the red m&m, a little chocolaty a little salty but mostly just like shit. I also wasnâ??t satisfied that this product cost me $5 and had a crap load of sugar in it. Less sugar than a Jam doughnut but bloody hell if Iâ??m going to pay 5 bucks to drink something that tastes like arse anyway why make it taste like an arse that has been dildoed with a candy cane, the plane arse version will do me just fine thanks.

I have also managed not to get anything from the morning tea trolley today, not a big deal you say; wrong.

The morning tea trolley is full of pies and sausage rolls and cakes and scones and I heard a rumour there are sandwiches but I couldnâ??t really give a toss about those. So your there working away and the trolley comes in full of tasty but unhealthy foods that are on the no tubbynewb list and their smell hits you, activating your salivary glands. Then just in case you missed the smell a bell is rung to indicate that the lady is there and like pavlovs dog, you respond.

If you manage to survive the ringing of the bell and the wonderful aroma of heart attack in pastry there is the mob mentality that you also have to resist, as half the office floor rush and push and shove to get their fix. And of course high flyer that I am my cubical, read 4â??6â?? walls on two sides, is on the passage so everybody walks past me on their way to and from the cart.

I managed to resist its charms for a little over a month, have been suckered back in but today was the first of many where I can once again say I havenâ??t had anything from the morning tea trolley.

So where am I at now and where do I wish to go; well I am currently just under 6â?? tall and I weigh about 122kgs with somewhere close to 40% body fat, the camembert comment makes sense now Iâ??m sure. I want to get down to around 87kgs, and 8 or 9% body fat.

Iâ??m not after hawt abz, although of course I do want to one day be able to pose on the site with a shoe, I want my skin to fit my body, and unless I get into single digit body fat my skin is never going to have the kind of connectivity I need.

I figure what I need to do is to work as much fat off as possible while maintaining what little muscle I have now and building a little more, until I get down to about 82 or 83 kgs and then to focus on building muscle. At this stage if I was to get down to that weight and 85% of what I loose was to be body fat I would be at 82kgs with 16.5% body fat.

For those of you who are not mathematically inclined ill save you the brain strain; reversing all of that tells you that I carry around 47kgs of fat every day.

The amount of time to achieve my goals will be measured in years, it will probably be close to 12 months before I am even close to 15%, and then probably another 12 to get down to 10%, and then probably another 12 to get to 8% which is where I want to be.

Congratulations for surviving this far, thanks for reading, Iâ??m looking forward to reading your comments if you have them.


Ok some things

  1. To get beyond the trolley rush provide yourself with a prize for getting this done. I dunno what you like a holiday, new car it doesn’t matter… what DOES matter is that it means alot to you moreso than a cake does.

  2. What i offered is NOT a velocity diet, it’s a food based diet. It WILL work wonders for you, i cannot obviously force you to do it, but your more likely to fall off the wagon if you have no set goals.

  3. Which brings to point 3, have a SET GOAL. Don’t say i have to lose X amt of pounds “hopefully” by some un-specified date. Don’t set a 1 week goal, set a 1 month goal. And aim for that.

  4. Please put up what your doing program wise so i can see it, also what you plan on doing for exercise if any

  5. Congrats on reaching Stage 1, conscious acknowledgement that you must do something about your body, but Stage 2 is slightly harder the one where you make a deal with yourself no matter what happens you WILL stick with it.

Can be done in various ways:

a) Tell f*cking EVERYBODY your decreasing your weight size, don’t say by what amt just your losing weight, generally people SHOULD have enough respect to back off. Tell your wife she sees you the most tell her to beat you if you even look at a candy bar.


b) Make a solemn promise to yourself and tell nobody just depends if your extrovert (needs attention) or an introvert (doesnt need) both have different ways of going about it.

Thats it for now, i gave up mostly helping people, but i shall stick my nose in and make sure your doing it right. All i need you to do is keep yourself honest.

I REALLY recommend you let me take over your nutrition - training, i can get you where you want to go alot faster than if you muddle through and just get fed up, but it’s your choice.

300andabove, i missinterprited your offer and i appologise. I have looked up the nutritional plan you suggested, and have strongly considered purchasing the book. I do have some concerns though.

I have not known anyone who has gone on very low carb diet that has managed to keep their weight off post refeed, this just may be their non compliance with healthy eating after their diet, but it is still the human examples that I see. I also know that alot of the people I have talked to now suffer mild to terrible problems when they encounter carbs in their day to day lives.

I might be completely wrong on the nutritional program you would prescribe and would look forward to your suggestions. Just for your own interest sake i dont have any problems with sugar levels, i do however have a cholesterol problem, not a massive one, but it has been noted in my bloods.

in terms of my training program it will be three days a week of weights with fairly intense cardio after, two days a week of boxing training and a day when i do a complex and a day where i do whatever happens.

boxing training will be 3 rounds skipping 6 rounds heavy bag 3 rounds floor to ceiling 3 rounds speedball and possibly some padwork or sparing depending on how consistent i have been, i cant see much pad work or sparing coming up in the first few weeks. i will also do pushups and ab work in between rounds.

the weight program i have been given i can only half remember at this stage, it is a full body program and goes somewhere in the order of

leg extension
leg curl
seated row
lat pulldown
single arm pull down while arnold pressing on opposite side
dumbell bench
dumbell fly
dumbell pullover
ab work

you have probably noticed there is no squats, this is because there is no powerrack and after an accident i had there last year I wont feel safe to be squatting properly without one.

my goals are very vague and i guess i am scared to make them more concrete, because not hitting them is a very real possibility.

so scary scary here is my goal, not easy but i think achieveable, i will weigh 105kgs on christmas morning.

i dont think its an easy goal but i think its one i can reach, with your encouragement.

Please feel free to tell me my program is shit, i didnt design it so i wont be offended. If you suggest a program, i will try it for a couple of days, go away on holidays doing whatever the hotel gyms let me do and then come back first week of october and rip as much fat off my body as I can.

  1. First if you agree to this diet 90% of that cardio IS OUT OF HERE. Good god man what are you doing lol.

  2. Low carb diets work, its when people finish it and go back to 5 Mc Donalds meals a day that it doesn’t work !

  3. You don’t NEED carbs, you just WANT them, there’s a MASSIVE difference between the 2, you have enough glycogen stored to last you ages from all the crap you used to eat. I’m QUITE positive you will survive !

  4. Good god man stop doing that program lol, that’s the most bizarre program ever. I shall enlist my German friend to get you a program, the man knows more programs than i have had hot dinners !

  5. You only want to drop 17 kgs in 3 and a half months ??? How slow do you think fat loss is lol this isn’t muscle gain ! Just going low carb along will rip off 3-4 kgs straight away. get a little more adventurous with that number !

Also don’t get THAT hung up with scale weight, even with low amount of food, it’s still the RIGHT food, so only weight yourself once every 2 weeks. measuring your waist i find is the best method if that’s getting smaller your on the right track !

I shall ask Ceph to come here and post a program sans Squats for you, but i swear if i find your pissin around drinking 2l coke cola every day i’ll not be best pleased.

  1. I cant do the cardio? Is that because of low energy? Its not what i am actually following at the moment, its what i have done in the past.

  2. thought as much, just wanted to ask/put it out there.

3)and i want them bad.

  1. thanks i appreciate it, the person who wrote it had the best intentions, and was trying to write me something that would work in the gym i go too, eg one bench lots of heros taking their time, i can do all the three dumbell exercises as a supersets in the time it would take to wait for the bench. also for consideration, i can not chin, not even almost not even 1 rep. so if chins/pullups are recomended i will need to sub them for lat pulldowns or assisted pullups, as disgusting as that is.

  2. I want to drop 17kgs from where i am after i get back from my holidays in thailand. i will be exercising while im overthere, but i need a brain relax too. i will be back on the 4th of october, i will be eating/trainging right from monday the 5th.

17kgs possibly isnt a massive number, but its challenging without being insumountable. im not the toughest of people mentally, and not reaching my goal is something that i feel would be far more detrimental to my progress than it would be to hit it early.

if by the end of october i have already dropped a large number, 10+ kgs, then i will re evaluate and go for a higher number.

i dont intend to fuck things up but there is always the posability that i will. if i do i will be honest. in early november i will be turning thirty, there will be a party and i will be eating and drinking, this is life.

also does diet/zero coke get me onto your shit list as well, id rather find out now rather than after i have had a gallon of it.

Thanks very much for your input and your constructive and well laid out advice, i really appreciate it.

hmmm my comment seems to be missing, ill give it an hour and if it doesnt appear ill try and make it again.

[quote]tubbynewb wrote:

  1. I cant do the cardio? Is that because of low energy? Its not what i am actually following at the moment, its what i have done in the past.

  2. I want to drop 17kgs from where i am after i get back from my holidays in thailand. i will be exercising while im overthere, but i need a brain relax too. i will be back on the 4th of october, i will be eating/trainging right from monday the 5th.

i dont intend to fuck things up but there is always the posability that i will. if i do i will be honest. in early november i will be turning thirty, there will be a party and i will be eating and drinking, this is life.

also does diet/zero coke get me onto your shit list as well, id rather find out now rather than after i have had a gallon of it.

Thanks very much for your input and your constructive and well laid out advice, i really appreciate it.[/quote]

  1. Yes your on a SEVERE restricted program cardio is 90% f*cking useless anyway ! Let’s not have you doing a million things all in one go eh !

  2. I shall be sure to let him know your pulling up sucks balls :stuck_out_tongue: Lets see what it is like in a small while eh :slight_smile:

  3. So er exactly WHEN will you be starting this lol ?? All these dates are appearing all over the place, i need you to somewhat be compliant !

  4. See that’s the attitude you need to dump it “may” happen ! Who the hell is in charge of opening and munching on crap food ??? I presume you !

So far your going to Thailand till Nov, then its your birthday so you can’t do it then… when exactly CAN you do it ???

No Diet Coke wont but water is MUCH better, when you drop fat fast a load of toxins get dumped into your system as theres less fat to hold them. Unless you wish a breakout of acne WATER will be your best friend !

So anyway look, i NEED YOU to come up with a way where you can be compliant… if your doing this - that - these - those then we have a major problem. You didn’t end up overweight in as week it took YEARS, so to undo it you need a few MONTHS to come all the way down, but i cannot see where the “months” are going to come from, i see a few days here and there !

I’m back october 4, i will start october 5 my birthday in november is a day where my diet wont be perfect but i will still train.

i will be diet and exercise compliant from the 5th of october. i have advised that in early nivember there will be one possibly 2 days, non consecutive, where there will be some additional food eaten that wouldnt usually appear on the list. there will also be drink had. probbaly lots of drink. but this will be on those specific days, and the behaviors not continued afterwards.

i really appreciate that i am seeming like a whiney little bitch trying to wriggle out of being helped, this is not the case, im just trying to be honest and let you know where im at and where i can see there will be some hitches.

i will drink lots of water, acne is not my friend.

Some of my comments seem to have dissapeared up their own arses, doesnt matter, they werent particularly special anyway.

Doing a charity 5k walk tonight, closest I have been to propper exercise so far this week.

Not long till I go away. and then i come back and its pretty serious. i have been re reading some of the beginner articles and my feeling is untill i have something greater come along or i actually achieve enough to stagnate i will be doing some total body training in the vein of chad waterberrys article where i do 4 compounds and two isolated lifts per session.

I will do front squats, dumbell bench, deadlifts and lat pulldowns as my compounds and dips and side raises as my isolated.

i do wonder if i would be better served doing a military press to a side raise any opinions would be respected and considered

so ive made a bet with a guy at work about who can lose the most weight in a given ammount of time and ive coupled that with a pushup challenge so that it doesnt become about anorexia.

the bets only for $10, he was too cheap to make it worth more, but for me its about beating him. bet also includes a clause where weight must stay down for 6 months after challenge to encourage a longer lasting weightloss.

I’ve looked at several plans to help me out and i think that Chad and Alwyns real fast fat loss will be the one to follow.

i have one problem…

… there is a complex in there that is a jump chin tuck, and i really dont know what i will do because i dont think i could do five of those let alone the 3 sets of 15 of them that is required when that workout falls on a day 3.

does anyone have any sugestions that dont have me looking like a special needs kid at the gym. i mean most of the exercises are going to cause me some kind of trouble in my no space rude bastard gym, but these jump chin tuck ones are going to be a major pain.

any advice?

im also going to tidy up my diet, a great deal. im going to reduce carbs and cut out junk, and increase protein. im not going to enjoy it but i am going to enjoy taking that tight arsed pricks money. im also going to enjoy being fitter and stronger and healthier.

Too much reading, too little brain capacity, I think im going to fuck this up. Thankgod its just me reading this damned log otherwise i would be in deep called out shit.

I Read a Dr Bernardi interview where he talks about G-flux, and that kinda got me interested in trying a few different things.

After reading the article and then some stuff on his site I thought I would review what I would eat on a day where I am being clean and thinking I’m doing the right thing.

Turns out im not doing the right thing. I am way undereating, way way way undereating.i worked out that I was eating only around 1000 cals in a day.

No wonder im a no muscled floppy titted fatboy. I either fill my body up with shit or I starve it, either way not good for trying to get into shoe photo condition.

So ive had a bit of a tweak of the diet and added milk and protein drinks and extra cans of tuna and yoghurt and extra cereal and more bloody milk and ive still only got 2140 of callories in a day. i guess i could add another 15-20 calls for the vegetables that i didnt put into my calcs for the day but even then im not having any potato or starchy carbohydrate rich things so its not going to do much.

How the fuck am i going to eat that much food cleanly.

Time to re read some of dave tates stuff i guess.

Dont get me wrong i dont consider myself worthy of wiping his sweat off the floor, i just know he has talked about eating clean.

So besides the food thing im also unsure about the weight lifting protocol i should follow. im thinking of going back to my earlier idea of doing a total body workout.

I have worked out a time table that has me working towards 10 hours of exercise a week over the next 3 weeks, with a mixture of steady state high intensity and interval cardio as well as weights and my pushups for the pushup challenge.

but the food thing really has me lost, i dont know how i am going to get more calories into my day, or even if my workload requires any more calories if im trying to loose fat.

I’m so fucking confused.

Day 1 clean eating

breakfast 4x wheat bix with 2 cups milk 1 tub youghurt with 10gms ground flax seed
snack 1) banana and 16 almonds and fish oil cap 1 cup of milk
lunch chicken and wholemeal pasta soup high fibre roll
snack 2) apple and protein drink
dinner lean pork stir fry with some extra virgin olive oil some oyster sauce and a lot of vegetables.

Approximately 4 litres of water was drunk during the day
Some diet soft drink had in late afternoon and evening.

Possibly not spectacular as a clean day compared to some others on this site, but it was heaps better than the average day of mine.

Exercise wise there were two vigerous walks of 30 minutes and there was the pushup program that i am following.

For the weights side of my change I am going to be following starting strength. possibly suicide since i am trying to lose weight therfore restricting calories somewhat, but im hopeful that i will be able to make some progress before i stall. its a bridge to cross when i get to it.

I will be starting light and working my way up, there is no need to play hero. my biggest concern is the bench press side of things as i am focusing on pushups for my bet and if there is a choice to be made due to not enough rest of some kind of over work the bench press will have to sit out.

I will be doing pendlay rows rather than power cleans because to be honest when doing them with good form I cant get my gut out of the way of the bar as it travels up.

cheers for reading
constructive criticism/advice is appreciated.

More articles more confusion, I really donâ??t know what Iâ??m doing.

I havenâ??t lifted a weight yet, well besides my own body, but I was sure that starting strength would be a good point to start from.

Now Iâ??m looking at the latest article with the Chad Waterberry interview and looking at his recommendation of total 25 reps for each exercise.

Keeping in mind that I am specifically training to be better at push ups, to win a bet (see previous posts), starting strength isnâ??t a good place for me at the moment.

Iâ??m thinking that I will train three of the starting strength movements three times a week but only kind of. Front Squats, military press, dead lifts.

Week 1 maybe week 2 as well, I will be training heavy, heavy to me not to you big strong manly man, goblet squats, just to get used to getting the depth right and controlling the movement. Squats are a massive problem for me, and its mostly mental. After my epic fail I cant seem to train with more than about 80kgs, I rack up more than that and I get nervous. At least with front squats I donâ??t have to worry about failure falling forward the rack will catch the weight and I wont hurt my back again.

Yes I know I should go to a gym with better equipment, but right now thatâ??s not happening.

Perhaps when I start following the proper program I will swap back to back squats, I already know about the differences in the mechanics of the two exercises, no point in wasting your typing on my pussynes in not just doing back squats, but Iâ??m not saying either way right now.

Military press pretty straight forward. Not a push press but a standing military press.

Dead lifts, I will be using hook grip, palms facing towards me for starters and when the weight gets too heavy for my little hands I will change up to an opposing grip. Otherwise it will be your average if somewhat underweight dead lifting.

Iâ??m eating a lot more protein than I usually would, donâ??t know how much per pound or any of that stuff but I know that Iâ??m eating more than I usually would when Iâ??m trying to shake fat and I also know that Iâ??m eating a shit load better than I would when I am not trying to loose weight.

So anyway Iâ??m still confused but I think that I have found a way ahead.

Looking forward to some constructive criticism or encouragement.


Eating took a turn for the worse on friday afternoon, and that motherfucking horse bolted with me enjoying the ride a little too much.

Breakes are back on though.

Lost 2.1kg last week, hoping to better that this week.

Will be comencing weight workouts this week.

will write more later.

Hi mate - best of luck with your goals, and I’d second what 300andabove said regarding your target… if you have that much to lose, 17kg will fly off: in the last 1.5 months I’ve lost 7kg and I started at 26% bodyfat with no cardio and following a version of the anabolic diet, albeit incorrectly as it turns out!

If you’re 40% bodyfat then a good eating plan (that you adhere to) and a solid routine could take 25kg+ off in that time. Did you ever take 300 up on his offer?


Hi Mark,

I havent been in a mindset that would make me worthy of 300s help at the moment. I want help from people but i dont want to fuck them about or waste their time, and at the moment thats pretty much what i am.

My biggest obsticle besides serious depression issues, is my wife. She will not follow this kind of diet and makes it very hard for me to do so.

I dont get anywhere enough sleep so cooking two meals after being up and at it for 15 hours including at least a walk and sometimes a gym session is just not an option. I am doing what i can to lower carb intake and am also having as much protein as i can.

And at least during the mon-fri i am eating fairly clean, alot better than i was in the weeks and months before.

7kgs with no cardio is awesome, that would have to have shaved quite a few points of your bf%, shit if you were 80kgs you would now be somewhere around 18 or 19%.

What kind of workouts are you doing?

Good luck with all your doing

I’m about 83kg now (from 95kg at the beginning of the year) but the last 7kg has come in the last 6 weeks just through diet, having dropped cardio completely. I dropped it because, at least early on with a low carb approach, there’s no need for it, and also because when I do start to stall I’ll have another weapon to use. The body is an expert on homeostasis (staying the same) so if you throw everything at it there will be an initial response but it will soon learn to deal with what you’re doing and then maintain the status quo. This leaves you frustrated because you’ve already blown your wad but aren’t finished yet.

In terms of exercise, I’m just focusing on something brief and heavy to send the message to my muscles that I need them and not to piss off while I’m dropping weight. 10x3 on 3 exercise, 2-3 times a week seems to be fitting the bill just now. I’ll lose some I’m sure, but at the moment my weight goes down while my lifts are going up.

Have you tried explaining to your wife that this is important to you to get her support - training and getting results will help with the depression side of things if you can just get your wheels unstuck.

I’m assuming you lost your bet with the coworker, or did he fall off the wagon as well and you just agreed to kill the bet?

I realize it’s been two months since anything was posted here, but I skimmed through your posts and I’d like to give you a couple pieces of advice.

For one, forget about G-Flux for now. Dr. Berardi is a brilliant dude, but as much as I admire him, always keep in mind his perspective is that of a naturally SKINNY guy. His biggest struggle is with gaining weight, not losing it. Of course, he’s good at helping people drop weight too, but in my opinion, if you want help learning how to go from a lifetime of fatness to leanness, give preference to the opinions of those who’ve done it themselves, like Chris Shugart.

While 1000 calories may be too low, 2000+ calories is definitely too high, in my opinion. There is a formula that states the body can only burn off 31 calories’ worth of fat per pound per day. I’m not sure how accurate it is, but it would explain why fatter people can drop weight more dramatically than leaner people. You could do the math on yourself if you wanted, assuming you know your bodyfat percentage. Based on your first post, at 270lbs and 40% bodyfat, you’re holding 108 lbs of fat. 108 lbs * 31 calories = 3348 calories per day. So 3350 worth of fat calories are the most you could ever expect to burn in one day (that’s almost a POUND of fat a DAY).

Now, obviously, you can’t maintain that amount for long, because as you lose fat, it changes the equation. Also, it would flat out be suicide to eat as little as you’d need to to drop that much weight. That’s why training and calorie-burning become so crucial. I can tell you that I, personally, have gone as low as 1350 calories per day (but, naturally, eating nothing but super high quality food sources, Flameout, Superfood, and a daily vitamin [these are non-negotiable, as without them you will end up with nutrient deficiencies]). If I were in your shoes, I’d probably do four 300 calorie, densely nutritious meals per day, do some kind of daily calorie draining activity like walking, biking, etc., and do weight training a MAXIMUM of three times per week. The purpose of the weights is really just to communicate to your body that it needs to hold on to muscle because it will be lifting heavy things, it is not to turn your body into Lee Haney’s. Concentrate on multi-joint basic exercises that give you bang for the buck, increase metabolism, burn calories, and allow you to load the bar: Squats, Deadlifts, Presses, Rows, Pull-Ups spread throughout the week and performed in antagonist fashion would fit the bill. Your biceps peak is the last thing you need to be worrying about right now.

I also believe it’s important to be fanatical about measuring your foods. Whether it’s the teaspoon of olive oil for cooking your eggs, the quarter avocado you use in your sandwich, or the 0.2 lbs of grilled chicken for dinner. Doing this will ensure you don’t overeat and end up with disappointing results. It will also ensure that the data you collect can accurately be used as a reference. Sure, when eating 3500 calories per day, worrying about 0.9 bananas is silly, but when trying to hit 1200, the difference between 0.25 and 0.5 avocados could amount to 10% of your daily intake! Just remember, there’s a time for fanaticism and there’s a time to be reasonable. Eventually you won’t have to be so freaky, but consider it a temporary punishment for letting yourself get overweight in the first place. Also recognize that fewer than 1% of people in the world could probably endure what you’re doing. Use that to motivate you and give you a boost of self-esteem, because that is flat out true. Just because you let yourself get overweight is no reason not to be proud of your ability to endure months of hell in a fashion that few could stand for more than a few hours.

I would get most of my calories from fats and protein, in that order, while keeping carbs absolutely minimal. Fatties like us can’t get away with carbs beyond the incidental. Worry about improving that when you’re 90% to your goal. Pepperidge Farms Carb Style bread and Mission Carb Balance Whole Wheat tortillas have been instrumental in helping me keep carbs low. Other than them, I eat no foods that would be considered primarily carbs aside from my 2/3rd serving of Surge Recovery and 1 scoop of Surge Workout Fuel on weight training days (you’d probably be better off with the low carb regimen espoused by Christian Thibaudeau). Get protein at every meal obviously, but don’t worry about the pounds per kilogram nonsense. 20 to 30 grams of protein per meal is plenty for maintaining muscle mass and even growing in your state.

My last piece of advice is to use FitDay at www.fitday.com. Not only will it keep you accountable to yourself, but you will end up with a veritable treasure trove of information about your own body: what your basal metabolic rate likely is, how your body responds to X amount of carbs, just how much that cheat meal set you back, etc. I personally only use it for entering in foods and my weekly weight measurements. The other stuff like calories burned I just don’t trust all that much (and quite frankly, it’s irrelevant if you don’t change your routine that drastically). They even have a place for entering in your mood if you think knowing that will help you.

Good luck.

So this is a pretty old log, and surprise surprise i got fatter, abandoning training much like i did this blog.

On the 10th of November last year i was at 139.6 kgs but since then I’ve been training hard and eating clean and managed to get that down to 105 kgs with the end goal being somewhere in the 80’s.

There hasn’t been a lot of strength training really, I do a group class 5 mornings a week and walk 12-20k steps a day including doing incline walking on a treadmill of an evening.

Although what i’m doing isn’t crossfit, its fairly similar to crossfit, its basically circuit training with kettle bells and bodyweight movements, sometimes in an intense HIIT style and sometimes for longer 3 minute sets. Either way the classes are physically taxing and I’m heaps fitter than I was in November.

How much fitter, i’ve gone from it being tough to do a situp because my stomach pressing on my thighs stopped me from getting up to being able to swing on monkey bars with my kids and do 1 neutral grip pull up from a dead hang, a number which i intend pushing into the double digits.

Food wise i eat 5 low fat low carb high protein meals a day, two of them are protein shakes the other three a meat and some vegetables and 3 times a week I also add a 50 gram serve of sweet potato to my evening meal, which is particularly nice when i have something like white fish and salad as main course.

For sups i’m taking something called black mamba and also something called carnadrine twice a day CLA and Acetyl L-Carnatine 3 times a day EAA’s with training and ZMA of an evening before bed.

I was taking oxy shred previously and it seemed to be working, or perhaps none of these suplaments do anything and its just the fact that i’m burning around 30000 calories a week while eating around 14000 thats taking the weight off.

In terms of lost muscle mass, its hard to say how much i have lost since starting but i would think it wouldnt be much, although its not strength training in a traditional sense my muscles are being used in each class and due to reduced fat are staring to peep through the dough from time to time.

So i’m not dead i’m still lurking and nearly a decade on i’m in better shape than i have been for ages and have plans and support to be a lot better.

Congratulations. You’ve accomplished what few in this world ever will.

Keep going, reach your goal, keep it off, and you’ll truly be in rarefied air.

Pat yourself on the back briefly and stay motivated.

Best of luck.