Tubby Smith Is Coming To MN

Been hearing a bunch of reports that Tubby is leaving kentucky for the gophers.

Yep I saw that as well. Smith got an ultimatum…either his entire staff goes or he goes. Looks like he chose to head to MN.

Kentucky will prob be after some big names to replace him.

It’s absolutely ridiculous that UK let Tubby go. I know he hasn’t brought them back to the Final Four since his first year, but his record in the tournament is still fantastic (29-13, including previous head coaching positions), and he has just as many national championships as Rick Pitino (1).

The only year Kentucky had the best team in the nation (imho) was in 02-03, where they lost to a Dwayne Wade-led Marquette team in the Elite 8.

Minnesota is getting a gift.

I’m glad he’s going. Maybe he will be appreciated somewhere else.

On a similar note - Iowa coach Steve Alford is heading to New Mexico.

You really have to hate Big-10 hoops to take a job in NM.

This is a great development, he gives the program instant credibility. The first time I’ve been excited about Gopher basketball since Clem Haskins.

Being from Kentucky and growing up on UK basketball… I saw this coming
It is sad but a relief
I know so many die hard UK fans that could not stand to watch UK basketball because of the style of play… a boring offense and mediocore recruits… I do not think anyone sees the team getting any better… several players that would have chosen UK opted to play elsewhere because of Tubby Ball … it is a half court offense not fast paced type style… Kentucky has lost a lot of good players… maybe we can get those now that otherwise would look otherwise… UK needs to return to prominence as it once was and Tubby Smith took the program down a slippery slope that turned away a fan base and players alike

[quote]ninesemesters wrote:

Minnesota is getting a gift.[/quote]

That depends completely on one’s perspective. Nothing is free.