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Tua's Nutritional Regimen

For my money, Tim’s latest BTS on David Tua’s nutritional regimen for his fight with Michael Moorer is one of the best articles I’ve ever read in T-mag. If there’s anything of which I’m a bigger fan than T-mag / Biotest, it’s the Tuaman. I’m friends with both Tua and his trainer, Kevin Barry, and I must say that they’re two of the nicest people you’ll ever meet in the boxing world. Everyone’s known for years that the Throwin’ Samoan has both the best chin and the biggest punch in the square circle today. Now he’s got the finest sports supplements in the world in his corner. Can the heavyweight championship be far behind?


TuaFan. What up? I love his style. I can’t wait for Dakawari vs. Tua. They are both in a position where it is tough to find some one to fight them. I don’t think that your boy will get a chance at Lenox anytime soon. He is going to fight Tyson again, just for the pay day before he gets to anyone else. Ask Tua if he’ll fight Dakawari soon. that will be a battle.

yeah, i was stoked to see t-mag getting behind Tua (im a kiwi)
lennox would kill tua if he fought him again i think…nothing much he can do against a great boxer with nearly a foot reach advantage on him. best we can hope for he someone to knock lennox off then tua have a shot at him.
also wouldnt hurt for tua to lose a few kg’s, i guess his record speaks for itself though