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Tua has A.R.T.

Here are some excerpts from an article that ran here yesterday, I have edited to suit the link for the full story is http://www.stuff.co.nz/stuff/sundaystartimes/0,2106,2350136a6444,00.html

Tomorrow he heads to Colorado for a final physical tune-up with a top American chiropractor Michael Leahy before moving on to the fight venue in Philadelphia.
Barry is adamant Leahy can be of benefit to Tua. He has worked with world 100m champion Tim Montgomery and has recently been appointed to help prepare the US Olympic team for Athens. He has already worked with Tua during this three-month camp after being recommended by the dietary supplementation company Tua uses.

“Basically, he manipulates the body joints and gets everything working in sync. He has developed a method called active release techniques. He camehighly recommended and I just thought we had nothing to lose,” said Barry.

"I took Dave to Colorado at the beginning of this camp because he was having difficulty with the outside knuckle in his right hand from the last fight. He was also having problems with his lower back and both knees.

"The problems have stemmed from his feet because when I took over as Dave’s trainer four fights ago I changed everything around with his footwork. Initially, it gave him a lot of pain although the gains have been seen in his mobility and power.

"Leahy made some adjustments and it has really helped. A month later we brought him to Las Vegas for three days and he tuned things again. David really feels a benefit and that is most important.

"I know in the past we have tried a lot of crazy things but this not one of them. This is very state of the art and something that is getting a lot of respect. You can judge that by his (Leahy’s) appointment to the US Olympic team.

“It was always our plan to go and visit Leahy on our way through to Philadelphia just for a tune-up really.”

Barry had invited Leahy to be ringside next Sunday but he is delivering a paper at a medical conference in Sydney.