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TTT question

I am doing CW’s TTT right now and I was wondering if I should skip the cardio because it will burn calories and all. Or is the cardio just help with recovery and I should keep doing it. The reason I ask this is because I lost 3 - 4 lbs since I started this program (I am on my 2nd wk). My diet’s the same, nothing changed. I was on ABBH I before this and I gained a good 4 - 5 lbs with it.

Thanks in advance!

If your goal is to gain size, then eat more or cut back on cardio. I would opt for eating more.

Well, TTT is one of his programs that’s great for cutting. The intensity and heavy weights are there, but the volume is less than others. Still, I can’t imagine that you couldn’t gain size on it if that’s your goal. Eat more and/or cut down on cardio.