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I recently contacted Ttokkyo through their website via e-mail and got a response from someone named cristopher who calls himself a Ttokkyo distributor. He sent me a price list and said he mails the product from within the U.S. At first I thought this guy was legit because he responded to an e-mail I sent to Ttokkyo. Now, after reading that last Ttokkyo post from Vince B. I’m not so sure. If anyone can shed anymore light on this issue please do.

I haven’t heard of any problem, but of course I haven’t tried. If the guy sounds legit, see if he will let you purchase a sample, like one vial of deca or something and see if he comes through. You may lose 30 bucks at worst. I did that with a guy from korea, he came through. That was years ago, he probably buried under some jail in Bosnia now. That my .02.

Other boards have had posts about this guy, some good, some bad. What I’ve read seems to indicate that he’s good with the first few small “test” orders, and then, once he has your confidence and place a really big order, he fucks you. Search some of the other boards. If you do order, be sure to post the results.

My advice is to scan the boards and stick with a reputable source. Many people carry the supplements you mentioned. have fun. BTW- I understand that the TT sust is causing site injections for many, so you may want to avoid it until the lab clears up the problem.

Sorry for the typo…should read infections not injections. lol