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tTokkyo winstrol?

I have access to ttokkyo winstrol. Exactly 30cc which to my understanding is 30 shots of 100mg each, it is being sold to me for $125. Is this a scam or just a good deal? and yes I am a newbie so if you could help me with this?

Good deal. I would drink it instead of injecting, it is usually quite uncomfortable to inject and it clogs up the needle pretty easy. You are getting 3000mg of winstrol for what you would pay for 1000mg of winstrol tabs. This is a 4-8 week cycle.

Unless somebody is counterfeiting the black-market item, (in other words someone
else using their name, which probably is
not happening here) this would be an excellent deal. Zambon Winstrol, admittedly a much higher grade and a legitimate pharmaceutical product,
goes for $180 per gram ($9 per ampule) or more. You are getting three grams for $125.

I’d be interested to see what Brock says though: he is up on what fakes are out there, and how the “legitimate” black-market brands
are doing with regards to underdosing and quality, whereas I make no attempt to keep up with that, or have much interest really.

it is surely counterfeit. Ttokkyo Stanol-V
only comes in a 20ml vial at 100mg/ml and
NOT a 30ml vial. They also make a
cool 10mg Stanol-V oral tab.

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news.

Additionally, the best price for the 20ml
bottle in Mexico is $142US so you surely
are getting crap.


You know, it’s really low when counterfeiters
counterfeit private-label black-market stuff from good outfits like Ttokkyo or “International Pharmaceuticals” instead of doing what they
are supposed to do and counterfeit legitimate
pharmaceuticals like Schering, Organon, etc.

You’d hope that they’d respect the brands of
other people in the business of selling black market stuff.

Is there no honor among thieves?!?!?

(rhetorical question.)