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TTokkyo products

What’s the deal with ttokkyo distibutors ? I contacted them and got a reply from the famous bird fellow, but reading some other posts people are skeptical about this guy. He said that he has a 500$ dollar minimum order but if I want to order 10 testonon’s at 25$ then we can do business. I have done some reading elsewhere and cannot find this person on a scammer’s list. Anybody know what’s up ? Or can anyone point me to some refs for this guy ?

“supposedly” he’s a new source using the old distributor’s addy!? Bizarre? Yes, it is… There seems to be some indication that this “new” guy is good, but I’d wait a month or so first.

I emailed also and then this guy replied to me. I was advised that he was a scammer by some people in the know. I’d say stay away.

Don’t even bother with that guy. There are better sources out there (for Ttokkyo) who don’t have a $500 minimum. Look around.

The attractive thing about eagle are his prices but there have been mixed reviews about him. nonetheless, I ordered from him and I just got an e-mail from him saying he sent my package today. Well, we’ll see if he did indeed send the package. I’ll keep everyone posted. To tell you the truth I would have never worried about him were it not for the couple of negative reviews he got. But now I’m wondering if I’ll ever get that package…we’ll see.

This person is tough to communicate with.His english writing skills aren’t great.I’ve tried to order for a month with no luck.

not to flame the guy, however, from reading a number of boards “the big bird” is selective at scamming and waits until he gains your cinfidence then no gear