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Ttokkyo Labs Update

I told you guys that if I got out of Mexico o.k. with the gear that I would give a update on the Ttokkyo Labs stuff, so here goes:
If you have been checking their site you’ll see that they added equipoise at 200 mg/ml, and a copy of sustonon 250. They are also making oxandrolone in 5 mg tabs now- I was fortunate enougn to bring back the first test runs of this. The 5 mg tab will have a ‘T’ on it to distinguish it from the 2.5. They are also in the process of making 10 mg dianabol tabs. They are doing something else too damnit, but I can’t remember it right now. Oh yeah, I believe it is testosterone cypionate at 200 mg/ml. And there is something else… damn that tequilla.

Ttokkyo ROCKS!!! nuff said. I’m looking for the sust clone so I can do the gramabol cycle but got screwed out of a couple hundred bucks by an internet dealer when I tried to contact Ttokkyo from their web site. Someone point me in the direction of a legit source, hopefully someone as trusting as Getwood, but sells Ttokkyo. Thanks fellow T-Men.

They are planning winny at 100mg/ml!!! @0 ml bottles and also 20 mg winny tabs. Also a trenbolone product will soon be bearing the TTokkyo name. This all seems too good to be true–and illegal–haha

If the moderators could help out here it would be great. I have tried to contact ttokkyo labs and have gotten no one. Does anyone know the proper way to contact and order off of these guys. I really don’t want to be scammed like that one guy.


I wish I could help you guys out with ordering this stuff, but right now I think it would be pretty hard to do it through Ttokkyo directly. I talked with the president and he told me he gets around 200 e-mails a day, and with all of the work that they are putting into the new product lines they havn’t had too much time for that kind of thing. I do know that their main distribution of the product goes to Tijuana and in the future they will have 2 other main distribution points in Juarez and Nuevo Laredo. If you could get to T.J. it would probably be very easy to get the stuff. I got mine in Mexico city. Best of luck T men.

I just got back from tijauna on saturday. It is completly impossible to locate ttokkyo there. I went to 20 different pharmacies and found nothing. I also went to 3 different vet pharms. No ttokkyo in t.j. I was devistated.