Ttokkyo infections?

What is the deal with ttokkyo brands. I’ve heard that their starting to cause infections. Brock, Bill, anybody please tell me that it isn’t true.

This is a load of crap. ALl the Ttokkyo injectable stuff is getting rave reviews.

Especially their Sustanon, Test and EQ.

The only thing I have heard is that their 2.5mg Anavar clone is a little underdosed (1.5mg tabs is what I hear).

If I hear more, I will post it. -


Brock: I have seen a few other posts on another board (one that is frequented by you) which claims to have done some assay testing at an independent facility and they discovered that the Ttokkyo anavar was actually overdosed at 2.58mg per tab. In addition, a prior Strasseroids column you point out that Ttokkyo is currently the only place that you know of to obtain legit anavar. Is there any way we can find out for sure. The tabs I am familiar with are five-sided (pentagon) and are what I would call peach in color with a score line across them. Comments?

Brock thank’s for you help. I feel alot better hearing this from you.