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TT Increases in Linear Fashion with Dose, E2 is Exponential

I am attaching a couple graphs, the first one shows that total T and E2 in relation to dose.
The solid red lines are lab ranges for total T. Is this an expected relationship? I am not currently taking an AI and I understand there are a lot of people saying don’t worry about of measure E2 as it will auto regulate. I was still symptomatic at 175mg, so have increased to 200mg/wk (everything since 140mg has been every day injections, in an attempt to reduce aromitization). It has only been a couple days since my protocol change so I don’t have any blood work to tell me where my levels are, but i certainly don’t feel any better.
I am 46yrs old, struggled with typical low T symptoms for years; fatigue, brain fog, poor memory, poor sleep, weight gain, low/no libido and ED.
I haven’t had any morning wood in recent memory (years) and have read that this is a good barometer of how dialed in your protocol is. So far over the range of protocols, i have not had any symptom relief, other than a slight increase in sleep quality; though that seems to be on the decline since my latest dose increase.
I know it’s not supposed to matter and didn’t include it on the chart but the lab value for e2 (orange line) is <162.
I also keep reading that good TRT doctors treat symptom and not numbers but i have yet to find symptom relief, but i can’t keep increasing dosage. Thinking of dropping back down to around 140-150mg dosage and running there for a while to see if i stabilize into something manageable. Free T was not always measure but at 175mg dose, both TT and Free T would be considered slightly supraphysiological (1046 and 28.2ng/dL respectively).


I believe your protocols have been too aggressive, your Free T wasn’t terrible pre-TRT and think you should be around Total T of 450, that would put your Free T near the top of the range and E2 would be more manageable. This 1000 ng/dL, you’re wasting your time because your E2 will always be very high.

I also don’t think low-T is your only problem, you clearly have some other medical condition preventing TRT from working.

what’s charted is not free T; it’s total T. If you are saying that a pre-TRT value for total T of 3.0 Nmol/L (or 86.5ng/dL) isn’t bad then i don’t have to read any further in your response

I am talking about this post where your SHBG was 20.5 and Free T just below midrange, not terrible and your Total T was 10 nmol/L or 288 ng/dL, hence my recommendation for 450 ng/dL (15 nmol/L) which would more than likely increase Free T to somewhere above midrange or maybe put in closer to the top of the ranges.