TT Increased with Same Dose

Unrelated to my other post about recent bloodwork and GH, I noticed my TT (and FT) shot up a LOT on the same dose. To give you an idea of what I mean:

September - 150mg/week - 720
October - 200mg/week - 1230
December - 150mg/week - 980

Even weirder, back in Sept I could’ve blamed it on trying HCG or something, but lately I haven’t messed with anything. I tried T prop in November, but switched back, and it’s been probably a month on T cyp. If anything, I’d expect lower levels.

Any idea how this could happen?

Edit: before anyone asks, this test was indeed earlier in the day. I normally pin around noon, and September was drawn around 10-11am, while this December closer to 8am.

Maybe some build up from 200mg per week?

You can be on the same dosage for years and all of a sudden your levels are lower or higher, this is life in the TRT world and you won’t always be on the same dosage. You shut off the regulatory and pulsatility of testosterone when you started TRT and shutdown your HPTA.

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Injection sites, slight variations in hormonal concentration from batch to batch, sq vs IM shots etc all make a difference

I’ve been on 200mg weekly dosing for years. Total test usually in the 880-920 range. Had one come back at 740 and one at 1100, maybe one other around that level, with corresponding changes in free testosterone. Did not feel any different.