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TT, CM update


It has been almost a month since I took the Cetyl Myristoleate and it is time to let you know how it worked for me.

You told me about the CM a few months ago in response to my post about knee pain. I have osteoarthritis and am bone on bone in both knees; medical recommendations and second opinions were there were no options but total knee replacement, both knees. Not wanting to go that route unless all other options had been exhausted I was open to about anything. I have been living on Ketoprofen for over a year, three times a day just to operate at a reduced level and that was almost unendurable. If I stopped taking the Ketoprofen, within 24 hours my knees would be so swollen that I could not bend them.

I got the CM you told me about and also followed the recommendations of the Natural Health Council that more than 15 grams may be required if symptoms were more extensive, my hips and shoulders are also affected but not as bad as my knees. After two weeks of treatment I stopped taking the Ketoprofen. I have not had any since and that is just over two months, I have no inflammation at all. My pain level is reduced; though it still hurts I can live with it as it is now without pain meds.

Based upon the results so far I plan to do another cycle in about two months to see if I can induce further recovery. Even of there is no further recovery this is a huge improvement for which I will be forever grateful.

Sounds like some great progress.

I hope it keeps imporving

Good luck


Did you take flax seed oil (yuk), Chondriotin, Glucosamine, borage oil (for GLA), fish oil (for DHA/EPA), gelatin (think jello), MSM? I remember reading an article that you could have a doctor inject hormone growth directly into your knees to stimilate the cartilage growth. I don’t know all the details though.