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TT, CM update


This is the update on the Cetyl Myrestaleate you told me about.

I used the Cetyl Myrestaleate for 60 days rather than the recommended 30 days, I extended the additional 30 days based upon the recommendation of the of the Natural Health Council due to the severity of my symptoms. Two weeks into the treatment I stopped taking Keto Profin for my knees, I was taking the anti-inflammatory meds three times a day just to function on a reduced scale. Where before starting the CM if I stopped taking Anti-Inflam’s my knees would be so swollen within 24 hours that I could not bend them. It has been two months without the anti-Inflam’s and I am still not having any inflammation. While my knees still hurt, the pain is somewhat reduced, and that without taking anything for the inflammation or pain. That is itself a huge improvement.

While this is far from a cure it is sufficient improvement that I will take the CM again. I plan to let the gains stabilize and then take the CM for another 30 days to see if I can induce further improvement. The only help I had gotten from traditional medicine was a recommendation and a second opinion that my only option was knee replacement surgery.

Thank you for the assistance you have provided and I will keep you posted after the next cycle of the CM. I have recommended the CM to others even at this point because if I gain no further improvement this is still better than the knee replacement and I can live with my knees as they currently are.

Garm that is seriously cool news! Thank you for sharing that.

You didn’t mention it in your post, and honestly, I don’t remember off the top of my head, but are you also taking glucosamine (HCl is my preference) and a low-molecular weight chondroitin? That combined with a few grams of Vitamin C in divided doses, a good proteolytic enzyme complex to help with protein turnover and synthesis, and MSM should provide your body with all the substrates it needs to support continued healing.

Nonetheless, what you shared is incredibly good news. I’m so happy for you.