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Tt: 5, shbg <1, ft 14.5

Hey all, I’m posting this for a friend who is not familiar with any of this and asked me to do so. I am active on a different section of this forum, and only know a little bit about this stuff, so hoping someone here can help.

He is 37 years old, has 5 kids, has a decent sex drive, and no major issues felt. His TT is 5 on a scale of 264-914, his SHBG is <0.8 on a scale of 16-55. His FT is 14.5 and E2 is 14.6.

TSH is 2.3
T4 6.1
T3 uptake 29
T3 89

I’m hoping it was just a bad messed up lab draw that wasn’t accurate, but if these numbers really are accurate, does anyone have any insight as to what the heck might be going on?

Thank you in advance for any suggestions or advice. He does not have a primary care doc, so he’s just trying to figure out what the next step might be.

Messed up lab. No way can his TT be that low and have a FT that registers. Also, his SHBG couldn’t be that low and it not be super obvious that he has something really wicked going on healthwise. I’d get that re-run. If the E2 is accurate, he almost surely has lousy TT numbers anyway.

Thank you, this is exactly what I was thinking. Have never seen numbers like this, but I’m also not super well versed with this stuff.

He’d make your avatar look buff if that was his real number.

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