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TT 1300, Dr Wants 700-800. Skip Injection Before Visit?

I’m in the same boat … PCP wants me around 7 to 800ish. My TT at the moment is 1300. Was thinking not pinning for a week prior to visit. Thoughts?

Seems like you need to just cut your dose in half for a week, or a little longer to be extra careful. I realize TT and mg isn’t directly correlated but you can get it pretty close.

So the doctor couldn’t care less about how you feel or what your symptoms are, he just wants you at some random number that he pulled out of his ass.

How Not To Do TRT 101


Correct. And this is the best Endo Ive found. First Endo said “come off of testosterone for 6 months and lets evaluate from there.” Me, “but testosterone saved my marriage”. He wouldn’t budge. Second Endo “I want your TT level around 500”. Me, “But I feel better closer to 1000”. Him, “you’d feel great on cocaine too but that doesn’t mean you should take it.” Endo 3, “Lets try to keep you around the top end of the range. administer how you want”. Me, “sounds good”. What’s a man to do @dbossa? The second two guys are Harvard docs too.

I would reduce the dose by using this formula 700/1300*current dose. It is not exactly linear, but it is better than just guessing. I would do it for 2 weeks.

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I didn’t go to Harvard. I could demolish their argument in under 10 minutes if I could speak with them directly.

Option 3 would be the obvious winner here. However, even then, “Let’s just keep you at the top of the range”? What if you have unresolved symptoms after? Will he stare at your like a deer caught in the headlights and not know what to do (since it works on ‘most guys’)?

But would it change how they handle these types of patients? Some of these docs are so set in their ways I honestly don’t know that it would

(But I’d love to be a fly on the wall for that conversation, haha)

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Of course. It’s why I am here, to learn. Granted they said no to an AI but for the wrong reasons LOL.

$50 co-pay each visit and $20 a month for meds. All in under $400 for the year.

They wouldn’t care and you know that.

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Yup, I know. But I have demolished a few that they were able to take a step back and reassess their positions on a few things. Then they’d call me back week, sometimes months later, and discuss. It doesn’t happen often lol! But it does happen.

The GOOD docs are the guys who genuinely want to learn and then see if they can demonstrate it for themselves (like my doc). Even he got in trouble and had his license revoked for 9 months for stupid stuff like telling patients to take 1000mg of vitamin C, or 4000iu of vitamin D, or allowing a patient to adjust thyroid dose to figure out where she feels best at.

Some of these doctors do stupid shit not just out of ignorance but because their hands are tied. Check out this one when you have a chance and you’ll see what I mean.

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There has to be more to the story than telling patients to supplement C and D. I hope.

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I get this, its part of the game. And as long as I show up with my TT within range then thats all they care about. Although a lot of times I feel like its how they have to answer to the insurance companies. Five years ago he used to have to code my TT test as checking for osteoporosis.

Forget about Total T, it’s irrelevant, it’s inactive, the Free T matters. It’s not that hard to comprehend, each person has their own range where they will feel best.

Go private and pay for treatment where doctors don’t have their hands tied behind their backs do to outdated standard of care.

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@so_low_bro when a woman asked him if she should eliminate dairy and gluten for her adoptive children with autism (which is the general recommendation) he was put under disciplinary action because they said, “How will the children get their required nutrition??”. Watch the video… it’s nuts… and he says he knows a ton of other doctors who have lost their license for similar reasons. Then he agreed to stop treating children if they just let it go. They did. Now on the government page it says he is not allowed to treat children under 18 (no reason provided) which makes him look like a pedophile. It’s insane!

I don’t agree with @systemlord very often but… wow… I agree with him here. Well done.

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How do you feel at 1300 as opposed to 700-800? Do you have sides at 1300 that are not present at 700-800?

Of course TT is irrelevant but that’s what my PCP goes off of … he doesn’t even test for FT. I know eventually I have to go private but as of now I’m just playing the game. $10 office visit and $11 for Test Cyp and needles. Can’t beat that. At the moment I feel great! TT 1300 FT 43 … 26 mg daily IM.

Plus dbossa is my mentor on FB for FREE!

Feel great! Only sides are small bouts of acne on chest and back.

FT 43
26 mgs daily IM

700 to 800 felt my libido would swing.

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Sounds like you may have found your answer. I was in the same situation so I changed to a dr who was not set on chasing a number. He is good with me staying at the top of the range as long as I feel good.

Yeah, I’ve been with my Dr. for over 20 yrs … we have a great relationship, but he’s old school and quite naive when it comes to TRT. I just need my prescription and I’ll continue with my dose where I feel good. He thinks I’m on 100 mg week.

This is what I’ve done in the past with the gel prior to just switching to inj. Test lower on purpose if you have to, experiment with dosage and create a stockpile if possible. I tested low to get an extra pump added, then experimented with lower vs higher dose and was able to create a decent stockpile as a result. My doctors (actual most have been PA’s which are easier to bullshit) have changed so often I’m afraid I’ll eventually get one who will want to take me off of it. At that point, of course, I would go private but at least I’d have a cache to get me by.