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I’ve been working at BBing since November, 2005. I’ve been looking at this site and others quite a bit for information. I am going to run the V-Diet now. Today is my first day.

I weigh in at 200 pounds and I am looking to get to comp. shape. My LBM is calculated at 169, so I have quite a bit of weight to go. I expect to do just as well as Shug did on this diet, so we’ll stick to it and see what happens.

I started at 245 on November 5, 2005. I got down to 170 on July 01, 2006. I came off of a cutting diet and stepped into bulking until 3 weeks ago at which I weighed in at 217.

Sounds like you have done some serious work so far. Good luck with the V-Diet, I am contemplating it. Be sure to update your blog, highlighting any challenges or successes you find. I am at almost identical weight and bf% as you, so I am curious as to your take on the V-Diet.

Which training program are you following while on the V-Diet?