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Anybody watching that tsunami roll across Japan live on CNN right now? It's pretty crazy to see one in action live doing damage.


well... today was CHUCK NORRIS'S birthday.. so im not really surprised.


It's supposedly hitting Hawaii at 3 am. 10 meter's high in some places in Japan.


My folks in Hawaii are evacuating their place for higher ground.

Growing up there, the tsunamis always petered out, and I'd like this one to not be any different.


I'm in Taiwan and a warning has been issued but I'n not goiGLUG GLUG GLUG


Here's a link to CNN's video of it...though they may move the video by the time you click on it...it's happened with links to CNN video before.


made me lol (not at the situation). hope shit doesn't get too nasty.


I literally just watched the news for 15 minutes, completely slackjawed, with my hands on my head.

I really can't even come up with anything to say.


yea its pretty bad. i guess they have been having some quakes for a couple days now? That'd be terrifying.



For those like me who don't have access to a TV, CNN's covering it live.


Those side videos of people in meetings when the quake hit were crazy. It went on for over a minute. Wow, just wow.


I pray all those people can pull through the terrible event :' [


That footage of the flood carrying boats and flaming debris across fields and roads is pretty crazy. =/


Video of the thing hitting Hawaii. Sucks when you see that there are cars on the road right in its path.


Aye that's the Japanese footage Steel, shorter version of the same linked above.

From the BBC:

13:49 - Ryan McGuinness on the Hawaiian island of Maui tells CNN that he is standing about 10ft away from the shore. He says there have been surges, during which the sea has advanced about 20ft further inland than normal. But now, he says, the sea level has receded about 200ft, exposing reefs and rocks which are normally always covered. People are calm, he adds, but they are now moving to higher ground.


Aw man! See that white vehicle trying to turn around mid-road?


Holy hell! I saw those cars you were talking about, hope they made it. Just crazy to see that kind of power.


Yeah, made me sick to my stomach.


Like matchboxes. Check the boat swirling around in the whirlpool filmed earlier -

Seriously humbling.


When I was a kid in Japan we went through alot of earthquakes but holy shit nothing like that.