TSH query

I recently had a full blood panel and among the things I noticed is my TSH is down 0.04 points from the last time it was tested in 2000: from 0.71 to 0.67.
Now, I feel my thyroid is sluggish, but since it falls within “normal” ranges, by doctors just say, “Your thyroid’s fine.” But I have a family history on hypothyroidism maternal and paternal.
My question: How do I get my docs to take seriously my feeling that my thyroid ain’t quite making the grade? And is a 0.04 point drop over two years a significant change?

Thanks to all who respond.

LT; by those numbers, your thyroid IS fine!
The “drop” is not really one; the levels are essentially the same. Readings of something that is measured in MICO-gram amounts, coupled with the standard errors of the assays and machines, make these great results.

Another important point. With HYPOthyriodism, the TSH becomes sky HIGH! The pituitary loses the negative feedback loop from low thyroid hormone, leading it to put out large amounts of TSH.

What ever sluggishness you feel is not from your thyroid (based on the limited info we have). Good luck! Hope this helps!

Thanks for the info Mufasa. My other question, which I’d forgotten to ask, is which end of the number range was preferable, which you answered here.
I appreciate the feedback.