TSH Decreased, RT3 Increased After TRT

My TRT protocol is 60mg enanthate twice a week since July.

My FT3 average in my last 3 labs pre-TRT is 2.52 pg/ml (2.04-4.40 pg/mL) and my TSH average is 3.06 uIU/mL. Also my T3 is slightly below range.

My last 2 tests after i began TRT however my TSH average is 1.16 and yet there is no change in my FT3 and T3 , they are still low. What is this supposed to show? Any meaning to it? Also my RT3 is somewhat elevated compared to pre-TRT , from 130 to 201pg/ml.

Is TRT known to affect these values?

This is showing secondary hypothyroidism (pituitary/hypothalamus failure) because your TSH should increase to signal to the thyroid gland to produce more thyroid hormone. A problem with one of these glands can make your thyroid underactive.

The demand set out by TRT should have caused TSH to increase since demand is higher now.

The decrease in fT3 and increase in rT3 clearly show a conversion disorder and the only recourse is thyroid treatment. Your original fT3 levels leave a lot to be desired.

That’s odd! Mine was the complete opposite

My TSH went from 0.6–>0.9 after starting TRT and the highest I’ve seen it is 1.01, for years TSH was always 0.6. The increase in metabolic rates was sensed by my pituitary gland and TSH was increased therefore signing to the thyroid to step on the gas a little more.

In fact I have never seen a guys TSH decrease after starting TRT before, I’m always expecting an increase in TSH, because thats what should happen.

Mine went from 0.668 to 1.02