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TSH/CK Levels


Hey Guys,

Not exactly steroids...I'm hypothyroid, Maybe 24 weeks ago I started getting it 'calibrated' and I'm finally within range for the first time...ever

My doc ran tests on my CK levels throughout this, It went from 2k to 1,100 to now 600..Slowly going down as I got my thyroid in check. Throughout this process I took breaks before having bloodwork done because I know exercise can elevate CK levels.

My question is,

Can elevated/high CK levels significantly affect muscle strength/development?

Thank you for the time and input.



You should post this in the Trt section there is a few guys that know alot about this stuff


i am interested in this too, my ck levels are almost always elevated but i always get tested after ive trained pretty hard, it is always much lower if i get tested after taking a few days completely off from the gym.


Creatine kinase indicates some muscle breakdown, heart or skeletal but is an intracellular mechanism and is not a player while circulating in the plasma. I doubt it can significantly inhibit growth but there's a lot we still don't know. It could end up being a negative feedback molecule to prevent further muscle damage.


Thanks for the reply, I ask because no matter how I eat/train/sleep, I'm not building muscle or getting stronger. I'm significantly weak for my size/age, It's not because of a lack of effort training or eating..It's either horrible genetics or there's something wrong.

I'm hoping that me taking thyroid medication solves this problem, My levels went from 20, 11, 6, 3.4 and I had my doc increase my dosage again so I should be at around a 1, I've read that .5-3.0 is the preferred range


Please review the thyroid basics sticky and see what there of interest.

How do you know that "getting it 'calibrated' and I'm finally within range". Most docs do not understand this.

Your body temperatures are your best dosing guide.


I'm going to purchase a thermometer tomorrow as well as ask my doc to check out my adrenal/cortisol next blood work cycle

Whether or not it's 'calibrated' or 'within range', Can having high CK levels or an out of whack thyroid affect your strength that substantially?

Also, What kind of doctor should I be speaking with in regards to getting all of this in order? I'm assuming your normal every day physician might not be up to par..


Thyroid is the hormone of all metabolic hormones. Without it you would not live so yes it can have moderate to radical effects on strength


Thank you