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TSC Free Weekend!

TSC will be free until Monday or Tuesday.

If you want to see what they are about, I suggest you take this time to check them out.

For all those who chirped TSC go check it out! And then come back and apologize for your previous comments :smiley:

Other news from the TSC:

“Today the FDA raided the offices of a major Supplement store and seized all of their designer supplements. The FDA seized all of the products containing the same ingredients found in Beastdrol. All of these ingredients have been deemed to be as effective as Anabolic Steroids. This is why we can not sell them any more. We will take them off our store and destroy what is left on Friday October 2nd. If you do not place your order by Friday October 2nd, you will not be able to buy Beastdrol, Dieselbolan, 19-tren TFO or Katanadrol ever again. Any stock I have left over after Frinday of next week I will be forced to destroy.”

Hopefully the pro-hormone posts will die down now. People may have to start pinning themselves lol

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Glad it isn’t just me that felt stoopid…

I thought it must’ve been just totally damn obvious or something as there were no links, no explanation, and he seems to assume we know what it is!

I suspected ‘The Steroid Convention’ as we are in a steroid forum… but i am hoping it is ‘Totally Sex-starved Chicks…’

The Source Check. Its an open source board with a membership fee. The sources are kept in line as everyone on the site will post if they had problems with them.

Totally Sex-starved Chicks

Yes, this is what I was speaking of.


I thought it was the shopping channel…one of my wife’s favourites.

[quote]bushidobadboy wrote:


Tractor Supply Company around here

If you Google ‘TSC Steroid’ it comes up as a link within the first link.

Maybe I’m just an advanced Google user.


Tit sucking coalition?