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TSA Not Just for Airports Anymore



Do people seriously not see the not so gradual removal of their rights one by on in this country.

I can see the arguments now, but they are just stopping trucks and buses, yeah and without a thought it becomes cars, anyone they want for no reason what so ever.

Fun times ahead.


Ihre Papiere bitte....

Their uniforms suck though, we had much better ones.


Buy your guns folks. And bullets. All they really have to do is make bullets illegal.

As a matter of fact you could make your own crude guns if you have bullets.


I called this possibility in an earlier TSA thread. People were arguing that flying is a choice and if you do not want to go through TSA-land then you should just drive. So, now what?


Lol at "calling" this possibility. It was certain and predictable.
It's also certain and predictable that the program will continue to expand until it's dismantled entirely.


We agree about it was going to happen. The arguments of "don't fly" were short-sighted. I would rather it be dismantled before it expands any more.


I am horrified that this is happening in my state. Portland, as referenced in the article is only 30 miles north of me. When asked, the governor's office stated that they were simply handing out pamphlets and giving information as to how truckers, etc. could be of service.

They have no jurisdiction and not authority outside an airport, with the possible exception of a train station or bus station. Unless sworn and deputized by a lawful police officer or sheriff's deputy they are nothing more than out of place rent-a-cops. They have no authority or power to stop, interfere with, or search any person or private vehicle in these scenarios.

This must be put to an end before a precedence is established.


Who would of thought the pee pee touchers would be promoted to Obama's civil paramilitary group.

on a related not, picked up a new toy today, the Fn Herstal Five-Seven. pistol that shoots 5.7 x 28mm rounds.


This act is absolutely necessary in order for us to preserve our liberty--there is no other alternative, none. Just hand the entirety of your paycheck over to the government so they may place more checkpoints in your neighborhoods and continue to call Ron Paul an anti-Semite.

After all, the establishment will fix all of our current problems by continuing the status-quo!