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TSA Invasion




No longer just for the airport; they are coming to sporting events, concerts, rodeos, festivals, etc.

Random searches for everyone, screw your constitutional rights. Probable cause doesn't matter, just like our 4th amendment apparently doesn't matter.



Interesting question is, what happens if you refuse the search based on them not having juristiction? Or as it is a private venue would it count the same as the security staff patting you down on the way in?




So are these only ''at the entrance'' TSA, or will they be providing internal security with Guns
and tasers within the crowds?

Because I am actually for this either way...there's a lot more crazy civilians out there that need suppressing,
I mean some civilians out there are just fuckin' nuts...I see them every day a heavy retail setting
and regularly fear for my safety often...In a fuckin' retail setting!
I hope they will expand into Night Clubs, Bars, Theaters, Casinos, Whorehouses, etc. etc.



I am boarding a plane in 8 hours, preparing now for my upcoming genital twisting.


...and their tweezers and magnifying glass are ready for yours Maximus.


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Please tell me you are being sarcastic?

The US is moving closer and closer to a police state/country like some other nations that so many Americans abhore. Its being done in small steps to de-sensitize the sheeple, and its working. Do you remember the Family Guy about the FCC? Yea that.


What makes you think I've seen one fuckin' episode of Family Guy in the first place?
Isn't the creator of that show an atheist and also loves Obama whose Admin is growing the TSA? THAT show?


So do you want to answer the question or get angry? Family Guy is a popular show, statistically, you've probably seen it or at least heard of it. Seeing as you know more about the creator than I do, you obviously know of it. I'd post the Youtube link because its a jaunty toon, but can't at work.

The US is being desensitized to being controlled by the government through police, military, security force. Slowly our Congressional rights are being encroached on with a promise of safety in exchange for freedom, that is the problem.

Those who would sacrifice freedom for security deserve neither - Benjamin Franklin


Depends if it is a private or local stadium.


Move to Russia.


So jelly.


If you think about it, why would anyone in this country give a fuck anymore? Everyone's always posting all the fucking minutiae in their lives on Facebook for all to see, all their petty thoughts on Twitter for all to see and all their duck-faced, drunken stupor photos all over Instagram for all to see. No one gives a damn about privacy anymore, unfortunately. Watch. When drones for personal use hit the market at a price the average American can afford to spend those things are going to go like Johnnycakes. There'll be people like you and me who decry it is an egregious step in the wrong direction, but we'll be drowned out by the mindless masses, the herd, stumbling around in a soma haze with Google Glasses on to document everything they do for everyone on their YouTube page to jack off to.


It guarantee 100% it will come to the point where there will be drones the size of fruit files....they
practically have them now....wait til they're perfected....with micro cameras...and sneak into your home, at will.
You wont notice them in you home, they will be way too small soon enough....Maybe they'll have a dose of poison in them when they
land on you when you sleeping.
"Sorry Ma'am, your husband died of natural causes".


I have actually stepped back from doing things on the Internet. I haven't touched Facebook since I was in college plus two, so almost 6 years ago, before it went mainstream. I'm actually in the process of being permanently removed from their system, asking to have your account deleted is only partial, you're still stored in case you "change your mind later."

That is also why I don't/won't post my pictures on here. Not because I'm scrawny, though I'm far from impressive, I don't like being traceable. Yea, someone can trace these posts to an IP and my location, but they don't know who is behind the screen or anything about me save the words I type.

People are sacrificing privacy and freedoms "by the gallon" because they are being offered other benefits. Free phones, woohoo, hook me up! Internet while on my phone... woohooo and GPS too so I can find stuff wherever I am (see anyone can find you). No guns, so I'll always be safe and no more school shooting... woohoo here take them from those crazy right-wingers, I love deer, rabbits, and other furry forest creatures!

I can't help but recall the movie Gladiator. People are starving in Rome (unemployed), dying of disease (laziness and self-entitlement), and Caesar's solution is to give them games in the colliseum (see your preferred entertainment distraction). Senator Gracchus, the Senator the Praetorian Guard later arrests for trying to help Maximus, said, "I think he knows what Rome is. Rome is the mob. Conjure magic for them and they'll be distracted. Take away their freedom and still they'll roar. The beating heart of Rome is not the marble of the senate, it's the sand of the coliseum. He'll bring them death - and they will love him for it."

Astonishing the similarities.


As far as drones, others will hack into domestic drones before they become mainstream. Hopefully the realization of the damage they can do will be minor and said hackers won't do anything drastic - ie prove a point but don't commit some heinous act of violence.

The more people can see, the more that intelligent creepers can see. I'm not even going to mention the government, who has already openly admitted to tracking us in multiple ways "for our safety" and yet people went right back to their fun and games instead of getting pissed. I could see drones mainstream too, and anything else that makes it appear that people are gaining the abiltiy of having power in their hands. Its easier to let an animal snare itself then try to lasso it as it runs.

Edit: My phone is flipping out, apparently there is an earthquake happening somewhere.


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What level? There was one this past weekend in Tohoku that was a level 5, I felt it in Chiba, but it was nothing more than a steady rocking for about a minute. We felt nothing down here in Nagaura.

I don't know where you're located, hope all is well. I imagine if it was a "big one" there'd be more chatter here at work.


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