TSA Employee Pranks Woman

Woman gets a good scare for nothing more than a laugh. Remember, these are the people who pound it in your head to never joke around.

TSA is a bunch of idiots. I saw some TSA agents (black dudes) in Houston letting the black girls they thought were hot jump the security line and go through the airport employee’s line. They still got screened, but didn’t have to wait. And it was very obvious, like “Hey baby! You can skip that line!”

My mom saw a dude in a security line have an epileptic seizure. The TSA guys accused him of faking and refused to get help. My mom called 911 on her cell and the guy left in an ambulance.

The TSA employee in question was a supervisor too, wow imagine that, he was there to train other TSA people.

We’re in the very, very best of hands.