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Ts this routine ok? any feedback appreciated


3 day a week, A , B , A etc. my priority is hypertrophy


  • bp 4x6
  • db incline bp 3x8
  • seated db press 3x8
  • db laterals 3x10
  • weighted dips 3x8
  • calf raise 3x15-20


  • pullups 4x6
  • bb rows 3x8
  • bb curls 3x8 + dropset
  • front squat 3x10
  • leg ext + leg curl (supersetted) 2x15

  • ABS/CORE after each workout:

1) weighted hanging leg raises 3x6-10 (30 s rest bewteen sets)
2) renegade rows 3x6-10 (30 s rest bewteen sets)
3) regular plank (total: 2 min, a few breaths of rest if needed)

and 30 min cardio

what do you think about that routine?


look at the differenece in upper body work (that youll be doing twice per week) compared to the amount of lower body work.

its a horrible routine (for other reasons as well)


Just use a cookie cutter routine from one of the articles on here. You'll be much better off.


If you only have 3 days try a simpler push/pull/legs split, with core work / cardio 1 (MAYBE 2) days a week after training.

The routine you posted is ridiculously imbalanced, and I would not advise doing it.

Good luck


Uhm...what is it?


Where do you want to go?


i mean my legs arent my priority for now, because they are much better developed than my upper body, and I want to equalize that difference

so what would you suggest gentlemen ?



pics of these developed legs and laggin upperbody?