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T's Starting to Work

finally after dealing with the stupidity of a retarded nurse, my dr put me on 100mg a week about 6 weeks ago. I’ve been going around in circles for months on way too low a dose, feeling good for the day I took the T and then nothing afterwards. Just shy of 4 weeks after starting 100mg / day, I started to feel it. A lowering of anxiety / depression were the 1st things. It’s been up and down a little here and there but I’m starting to feel the things I should, getting some libido back, looking forward to the gym like I used to in my twenties, and of course feeling attracted to / attraction from girls.

Concentration is poor though and I feel like my short term memory is being affected negatively. was hoping for the opposite. But I’m hoping that will subside and the other positive effects will continue on.

Congratulations. The difference between being symptomatic with low T and feeling normal can be remarkable.

It sounds like you doctor is just randomly choosing a protocol and lets see what happens, you’re still going around in circles as long as you continue to work with incompetent doctors. Once weekly protocols aren’t optimal for a some of men, just have a look at all the threads and you’ll see most injecting two or more times per week.

Infrequent injections can cause what’s known as a hormonal roller coaster, testosterone peaks in 48 hours and declines thereafter and the rate of decline is determined by many factors, SHBG being one of them.

Systemlord, this is what you will find on this site, the vast majority of guys on TRT, whether through a doctor of any kind, or underground, take once weekly injections.

As for his doctor’s level of competence, we know nothing regarding his lab results or complete history, or the doctor’s initial reasoning. While I understand your history with doctors is very poor and you have reasons for feeling as you do, it is really a stretch to jump to any conclusion about his treatment at this time. Besides, he is reporting significant improvement, and it’s only been four weeks. You often relate that you need to give it time.


Perhaps short term memory is being effected by females distracting you………………?

You’ll see the same results on other forums.

Was 100 mg/day a typo? 700 mg/wk is a cycle.

Systemlord, the operative word in that sentence is “forums”. Yes, you are correct in that you will see more frequent dosing being used by most guys on this forum, which represents an extremely small representation of men on TRT.

I do not recall you mentioning strength training, so I apologize in advance if you have, but go to a meathead gym and talk to the over one hundred guys using testosterone and see what they say. Go to a few other gyms. What you will find is that 85-90% of them inject once weekly, whether they are under a doctor’s supervision or black market. Talk to a GP dosing his patients at twice monthly. Or a couple of them.

I’ve mentioned this previously, most of those guys (under GP or endo uro or other care) are happy with what they are doing. The few that are not may wind up here looking for help. The few dosing once a week with less than ideal results may wind up here for the same reason. Your sample is a few guys on the internet. Try speaking to several hundred in person.

I fully acknowledge that some, like yourself, do better with 11mg every day, or 19mg every other day protocols. You feel you need “smooth”, or “steady” levels. You would not have made it as a competitive weightlifter on the '70s and '80s. Without AIs too. Most guys injecting 300-400mg once a week did just fine. The major side effect from E2 was fluid retention and elevated BP, but we took large test doses.

I just feel it is disingenuous and misleading to tell all these new guys they need to inject frequently. Yes, a small number may need to, but let them start out with a weekly dose and see how it goes. But, go ahead and tell them they’ll get emotional and have tender nipples and sure enough, every time someone cuts them off in traffic or they bounce the bar too hard off their chest, they’ll start thinking E2 is too high. Sometimes, you find what you are looking for.