TS Return From Mono

I did it. I beat that mono basterd into the ground and can now return to the real world. I’ve been sick since about christmas, I havn’t worked, gone to school, or lifted since then. I now weight 155 (175 at X-Mas), and my funds are stretched thin. Anywho I thought I would document my transition from sleeping 18 hours a day and laying around, to getting back into shape.

Today was the first day I was allowed to lift according to my doctor, and I thought I would take it light.

Bike: 10 Min
4x8 Front Squats: 135lbs
4x8 Seated Calf Raises: 180lbs
3x8 Pullups
3x8 Dips
90-120s rest between each set

I had to drop a set from the last two, because I was exhausted, I was breathing like I just sprinted a mile. I know tomorrow is going to be hell, so I will just have to eat everything in sight.