Tryosine/ Tan accelerators?

What’s the deal with supplementing with tryosine by itself? I’m currently taking 2 x 500mg caps first thing in the morning, but haven’t noticed much effect.

I see Powerdrive has 3g per serving, is it healthy to go over that? When do most people take it, how long before or after some other food? What effects have people
noticed, sharper concentration, focus?

Also wondering how effective it is in helping to develop a good tan, from oral supplements and also using a topical tan accelerator? Currently I’m day glow white and hoping to bronze up a bit early this summer. I don’t generally burn but also don’t really tan! (probably overuse of suncream! better safe than sorry.)

Thanks in advance for any help.

I tried tyro for a while. I found that it help with my concintration in a way that I really didn’t think about anything, very emotionless. I don’t know that it was the tyro but it really seemed to dehydrate me. I was taking 4,000 mg 40 mins before my workout and it kicked in w/ the increased blood flow. Hope that helps, chea.

I use Jan Tana triple accelerator oiless oil and/or Jan Tana deep tanning accelerator mist. They both work well.

Tyrosine is healthy in even quite large doses (it’s just a protein). I uses pure tyrosine before I tried powerdrive and didn’t notice any effects (I used up to about 6 grams). I can however tell when I am taking powerdive (seems to intensify around 1 mounth of contigius use). There is a prescription product that can help you tan better, you have to get a prescrip, but if you are very lightskinned it shouldn’t be a prob. it helps your body to produce more melinen(sp?). Sorry can’t remember the name.