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Trying TRT for 30 Days. Advice Needed

Guys I was wondering if trying TRT for 30 days is a good idea?

I want to see how I feel on TRT but don’t want to commit to it. I’m borderline in need of TRT. Was wondering if a 30 day test is fine or will that cause issues? Can I just stop cold turkey after 30 days and if so, will I return back to where I was without it eventually or will by natural testosterone be forever shot?

30 days is not really enough time to get dialed in and know, but yes you will just go back to how you are now eventually after you stop. It will be like you did a short and pointlessly small cycle.

Lets see in 30 days you will have gained about 10# of water weight your nipples will be on fire and you will be wondering what the hell everyone is talking about how great this TRT stuff is.
With any luck just after that the honeymoon time will kick in and you be as horny as a 18 years old which will last for about 2 weeks then it goes away and you are back to wondering what the hell is going on. This is about the time your nuts completely shutdown and start to ache. Your pituitary gland will also have shut down producing LH and FSH the two hormones your nuts use to make sperm and T.
After all that an you decide to quit there a 10% chance you will not return to your normal T production so do think this thru.

If you’re not willing to give TRT at least a year, don’t bother. You cannot expect miracles in 30 days, it takes 6 weeks for levels to stabilize and 6 to 12 months to see significant improvements.

Those who lack commitment and start TRT almost always stop at soon after, save yourself the trouble.