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Trying Tren or a Stack


I am 22 and thinking about trying the tren stack and then there pct im 6,2 180 and thinking I could defiently use some size


Might wanna get the mods to move this to the steroid forum.

This is a bad idea FYI.


just wondering if you guys had any advice


How bout eating some food?

If this is a supplement it is pointless to take if you are not eating enough.

If it is a designer steroid or pro-hormone then this post is in the wrong forum. Be warned that if you make the same post in the other forum you will get ripped to pieces.

6'2 180 = needs steak and mashed potatoes.


haha Im really sorry I was wondering about that I do eat like a champ though tons of steak and chicken and shakes in between that and if i see another can of tuna man im going to throw up haha so your saying Should stay away from it so I can avoid asking in another thread and getting destroyed


I really have no idea what the product is and don't feel like looking it up, sorry.

My advice is to stay away from any and all AAS until you grow some more. Thinking you eat a lot and actually eating enough to grow are two entirely different things. Eat more until you start gaining 5 pounds per month for a while.


alright Well I really apperciate the advice there and the only reason I thought about where a few guys I played hockey with took it and gained about 15 lbs

if you do feel like looking it up its by american celluar labs but on the eating subject im doing like every two hours its either a shake with about 40 grams of protein with lowfat milk can of tuna or chicken breast and veggies then a shake before bed should I just get crazy with the calories for a while and what weight should i try to get to


whats the main ingredient in it.


you eat a lot? eat more then, for fuck sake. seriously!

either you're a troll, or you have no clue about any of this. If you play hockey a lot you'll need much more food than some of us less active people, and for me that's already 4500 cals/day to gain weight.

How about telling us how many calories you eat or what you eat exactly on a typical day.


When I was 180, I thought that eating 4 eggs toast and cereal for breakfast, a ham sandwhich, apple, milk, and raisins for lunch and 12oz of steak with veggies for dinner was a lot. Then I realized that my requirements for the day was like 3000 calories.

That day of food is 2200 tops. So now, 60-70lbs later. I eat about 4500-5000 calories a day and strugle to gain 2lbs a month.

Just an example of a normal day for me:

Breakfast: 6 eggs, 2 pieces of wheat toast, cup of grits, 1 scoop whey, 1oz cheddar cheese.

Preworkout: 1 scoop whey

Postworkout: 3 scoops whey, 2 bananas, 1 1/2 cups whole milk,7 ice cubes blended in a shake.

Dinner 1: 10oz steak, 2 cups rice

Dinner 2: 10oz steak, 2 cups vegetables

Prebed: 2 scoops whey, 1 cup whole milk, 5 ice cubes blended in a shake.

That's about 4500 calories. If you're not eating like this daily, you're not going to grow like you want to. I'm exactly your height 6'2" and I would only now start to consider AAS, and I'm 238!

Work your ass off, intensely. Eat cows and drink their nector. Take some vitamins. Sleep good. You can gain a ton just by eating like a shark. You'd be disapointed in starting AAS now, too much natural potential. I'm really not telling you anything that everyone else doesn't know, and most of them wont give you the time of day with a post like this, but I was in your shoes, wanting to start a cycle at 175-180.

When you wisen up, you'll realize that AAS is only helpful if you really, really know what you're doing, which aside from a choice few, noone really has it down.

So, to reiterate, eat some food literally, you'll never be hungery (except after workout) but you'll have to trust us and keep eating. And please please, o for God's sake please! don't worry about fat gain.

Gonna happen, is, inevitable, just deal with it. There will be time to cut in say... 2 years. Abs arent cool if you have chicken legs and pencil arms.

Wow, that's a book right there, anyone want to publish haha.

The Duh Guide to Getting Bigger


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lol I can't imagine how fucked up kids would get off this stuff even if it remotely resembles tren.


I dare say this stuff might be worse.

Its proestgrin based.

They know almost nothing about it, its not even related to a real steroid.

People need to stay aware from this tren crap, and stick with Oral Turinabol clones (hdrol), DMT clones (pheraplex) and superdrol.