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Trying to Understand Overtraining for Each Neurotype

Can you please correct me/fill-in-the-blanks on the following information regarding overtraining neurologically or from volume per each neurotype?

1A = high GABA = can shut brain down, so you are not going to overtrain them from neurological work.

Because of low dopamine and higher adrenaline, too much volume (which increases cortisol and thus adrenaline) will deplete dopamine because adrenaline is fabricated from dopamine (dopamine -> noradrenaline -> adrenaline). If they have “CNS fatigue”, it is most likely from dopamine depletion.

1B = high serotonin (and pretty high GABA) = can shut brain down, so you are not going to overtrain them from neurological work.

Because acetyl-choline has an “adrenaline sparing” effect, they can tolerate more volume than type 1A because there is less dopamine depletion.

2A = pretty high inhibitory neurotransmitters so they can handle neurological work, within reason.

They have low adrenaline, so they’re not going to deplete dopamine. However, if adrenaline is naturally low in 2A, where are they producing it from to fuel voluminous workouts? EDIT: I answered this question for myself. They are making it from noradrenaline, which can be fabricated from dopamine. The cortisol spike from the workout increases the conversion of noradrenaline to adrenaline.

1A and 1B are naturally higher in adrenaline, so they use their already high adrenaline to fuel volume (they crash though because they run out of dopamine). Is 2A fabricating adrenaline from a normally high dopamine level, but they don’t need to fabricate a lot of it, because they’re so sensitive to adrenaline?

2B = lower inhibitory neurotransmitters so they can’t bring themselves down from lots of neurological work. Rather than dopamine depletion, they would most likely experience adrenergic desensitization—not being able to turn their brain off after a high neurological session.

They do well with pump/bodybuilding work because of high glutamate and the need for sensation.

The part I don’t understand is why do they do so well with volume; albeit, volume of lower intensity (bodybuilding work). They seem to have a moderate amount of dopamine and adrenaline. If they produce a lot of cortisol and thus adrenaline, to fuel a bodybuilding type workout, how do they avoid overtraining? Is it that they have enough dopamine that they would most likely not deplete it and they also have enough serotonin that they can bring down adrenaline, because it does not reach incredibly high levels due to lower neurological stimulation (more bodybuilding type work)? Is that how they manage bodybuilding volume?

3 = lowest inhibitory neurotransmitters so “no go” with intense neurological work. They can do a higher volume of muscular work, like 2b, to a certain point, but you need to manage their already naturally high cortisol production with the higher cortisol production from bodybuilding type workouts. So really, less volume and less intensity for type 3.

I’m really striving to fully understand your system.

Isn’t lactic acid tolerance also a factor?

Yes; I’m also curious what it is about being a 2B that causes that high lactic tolerance. The high glutamate levels?

I’m probably annoying, but the way I learn is to absorb everything whilst taking notes, go over my notes and create “cheat sheets”, watch all the material again, and then go through the “cheat sheets” and search for any aspect I don’t understand.

The answers are probably right in front of my face; I’m just having a hard time seeing them.