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Trying to Understand Labwork, 28 Y/O w/ Lazy Family Doctor


I have been roaming the TRT forum for some time now ready others posts. After some thoughts and discussion with a doctor other than my primary care doctor I am thinking of starting TRT.
Quick background on myself.
Born with undescended testicle that was surgically lowered and maybe grew to 1/2 the size of the other testicle and always remained “soft”. Senior year in highschool I began lifting and working out religiously and saw some pretty good gains. Went from 150-185 in a couple months. By the time I was 20 I was 200lbs in pretty good shape but wasn’t seeing in gains in the gym anymore. I had my first blood work done on the suspicion of low T. Results came back at 380. At the time I ate healthy, took ZMA, vit D, and CLA.
I decided to do a cycle of Methyl-1-Test orally and got up to 225lbs lean. I was stupid and uninformed and did no PCT only took milk thistle. Couple of months later I developed a gyno lump and had it surgically removed. At 24 I quit working out as much and gained weight. Today at 28 I’m at 240+lbs and can’t find the drive to get back in the gym. Mostly due to difficulty losing weight and stubborn gyno still hanging around causing larger breast and a slight ache still.
I have felt all the symptoms of low and decided to get checked with my primary doc.

Current Blood work:
Testosterone, Serum: 364 ng/dl
LH: 6.9 mIU/ml
FSH: 3.9 mIU/ml
Estradiol: 18.2 pg/ml
Free Test(Direct): 15.9
TSH: 4.040 uIU/m;
T4, Free(Direct): 1.6 ng/dl
Dihydrotest: 36 ng/dL
Metabolic Panel looked "OK"
RBC: 5.84 (4.14-5.80)
Hemoglobin: 17.0 (12.6-17.7)

So my primary doc said everything looked normal and didn’t even want to sit and talk about results. So I am concerned about my T levels and TSH levels. Anyone have any thoughts? Does it look like maybe one gonad isn’t making the cut and the other is trying its best? Never had sperm count checked but did get wife pregnant pretty easy a year ago. If you guys have read this far thanks for your help!


No help?


Please give reference ranges for above labs. Your total T looks low for your age. Your LH is normal so you could have primary hypogonadism. Thyroid is very low since TSH is 4 it should be around 1. It is way low then mine. Hb is also high please avoid eating iron rich foods and multivitamins . Thyroid can be low if your salt is not iodized.
Other than that you can ask Help from Ksman just ping him.