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Trying to Train Natural? TRT After Steroids?

Hi Guy’s Im 54 and have used aas on and off since I was 17yr’s.I started young and with dedicated training and lifestyle I developed a competitive psysique. Now im older and don’t respond to moderate to high dose androgens the way I did in my early 20ty’s to 40ty.I as a result of positive result’s earlier in my life,find training without trt/hrt,or moderate dose cycle of aas almost impossible.

     I was wondering if any fellow trainer's have experienced a similar conclusion.I am not saying that steroids are addictive,but they once used especially when I was young did imprint desire and method to be bigger,and stronger.I really never train completely natural,as not to talk down to natural guy's,but once a person get's remarkable result's their day's of natural seem like a waste of effort,compared to the immediate result's of doing steroids in my 20ty's......                                                                                    In closing have any of you fellow's (Used and then trained natural) thank you johnny