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Trying to Speed Up Recovery. How Am I Doing?


Hello all. As some of you may know Ive been suffering from a ton of problems and dysfunction lately and Ive really doing a lot of self help as it seems the only way for me to possibly get better. I keep going to the doctors but they keep sending me off for x-rays and tests which aren't going to pick up anything, they won't even do a physical exam.

I have sacroiliac Joint dysfunction and i told one doctor this who was a locum and has now left, and she did a physical exam and said that's right so has referred me to physiotherapy, 1 problem on the way to recovery. But when Ive been to PT in the past, it seems they only want to give you stretches. For SIJ im going to need some mobilization on that area, but i doubt she'll even do that, just give me a bunch of corrective exercises, some of which Im probably doing anyway and the problem won't get better.

These i believe are just all a result of improper technique during training, overuse, perhaps some poor programing and possibly some posture problems thrown in.

I am already doing a bunch of soft tissue work and trying to speed things up, but this topic is about my shoulders and knees.

My knees im fairly confident i have Pes Anserinus Bursistis in both knees, my right i can't fully flex, although with frequent hamstring stretching the ROM is improving. I also have some tracking problems with the knees that is causing pain over my quads and kneecap, doing some leg extensions from a position lying flat on my back with a bit of hip extension and doing some high reps, along with foam rolling my IT band and ABductors.

My shoulder problems are a bit more difficult though, pain around clavicle area and AC joint, aswell as both inner elbows - bicep tendons? I think i need some manipulation on my AC joint area, these problems aren't going away with just rest, Ive tried that. Again, i am going to the docs tomorrow to request these things but they don't seem to want to help, i may have to register at another practice if i can't get through to them.

Anyway, for my knees my rehab based work has been daily mostly;
Hamstring stretching - lying on my back using a band the PT gave me a while back and stretching for anywhere from 30s-2mins.
Leg extensions from that position trying to strengthen VMO.
Stretching ABductors and foam rolling those and IT band.

Shoulders, working on mostly low/mid trap, areas that are undeveloped, as you guys may be able to see as i'll attach a picture, and my scapula sticks out a bit. With the elbow pain, it's weird, sometimes the lightest of movements, say if i were to do curls with a 10kg bar, pain, if i were to do dumbbell rows with 20kg+, it's ok.

Anyway, here's a sample routine, one that i did a little while ago, didn't take long at all;

Scap Wall Slide 2x10
Band Pull Aparts 2x10
Scap Push up plus 1x10
Push Up Plus 1x10

Dip shrug 3x15
Straight Arm Pulldown 15kg 3x12
Incline DB Shrug 3-5kg 3x12
Floor BlackBurns 1x10
Pec Minor stretching

I know a lot of you are going to say just go to a chiropractor/orthopaedic/osteopath specialist - i AM trying!! The problem is, im a teen, im out of work due to all this dysfunction as i have tried working through the pain but realizing im just making things worse, the support allowance money isn't enough so im basically surviving off of my savings earned in the past and if i were to go private i wouldn't have enough money to pay for rent and would get kicked out of my home.

So what is someone like me supposed to do? I guess im just looking for a miracle and im sorry if it seems like im whining but i have to live with these pains and problems every single day and im just getting really dishearted and desperate for help, hope you guys can offer some advice.


You guys will be pleased to hear i finally got an appointment i think mostly regarding my shoulder issues at an orthopedic clinic, appointment in just over a month.