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Trying to Remember an Exercise

Looking for a little help.

I’ve seen this move, I can’t think of what it is called - maybe side row, or something similar. Basically, you would hold dbells in both hands, arms hanging straight, dbells along your side parallel to each other. You would pull them straight up your sides as far as you can, keeping the hands close to your sides, elbows bending out behind you. Then you would lower back to the starting position.

I want to say this was supposed to be a delt movement, but again, I can’t remember, and not being able to remember what it was called makes it hard to search for it.

Any ideas?

You’re standing straight up? Like an upright row, but you kinda pull your hands into your armpits?

Once I typed “arm pit” stuff started googling up. Somebody Also called it a “Monkey Row.”

isn’t it called a monkey raise? Just seems like a dumbass way of doing a lateral raise

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Really terrible dumbbell upright rows or shoulder snaps lel?

Armpit row, that’s the one. Oddly enough, I found it somewhere else while searching something else. Thanks

No problem!

How’s your arm?

Healed up great, thanks for asking. I got hooked up by a buddy who’s an ortho PA - the day after I got home I was in an ortho’s office and had surgery the same day (almost a week to the day after the tear). Had full extension a week later when they took the splint off, but took a while to get full flexion due to scar tissue. My PA buddy was amazed at how fast I broke up the scar tissue.

Managed to work around it and stay in the gym throughout my recovery, so I didn’t lose much strength aside from the arm (obviously). I had front squatted 405 a few days before the injury, and did it again 3-4 weeks after being cleared for full activity.

I was doing some lifting with the arm before I was cleared (light rowing, paying attention to any pain or even discomfort). The two biggest factors in my recovery (IMHO) were having surgery as quickly after the tear as I did, and I injected 2iu/day HGH until I ran out (about 50 days out of my 12 week ‘light duty’) - didn’t tell the surgeon about that (told my buddy though).

I’m a year post-op now, and that bicep will always look different - according to the surgeon, the reattaching is a guessing game as far as how much tendon to pull through and anchor, so that bicep head sits a little higher than the other.