Trying to Regain Fertlity

Hello I’m brand new to this board but I’ve been on other boards for
A long time. Long story short I’m 33 I’ve been on and off anabolic steroids since my senior year of college football.

My wife just removed her birth control device. I was on a cycle of 750 mg Sustanon and short ester npp. I’ve slowly been titrating test dose I’m down to 300mgs a week. I’ve added hcg 500 iu eod along with vit e, vit c, fish oil, tribulus, msm, and 25mg proviorion.

I know I could be in deep shit bit I’m not giving up hope if all these pro bodybuilders wrestlers and other heavy steroid users can have kids I’ll be damned if I can’t.

Plan is to titrate test as low as I can tolerate and continue with hcg maybe get some hmg. I’m doing this all on my own. If my wife isn’t pregnant in 3-5 months in going to the doctor.

Please no bashing I think my plan is pretty good. I may go a lot sooner just to test my sperm count.

Can I add anything else?

It took me 6 months or so to get my count back up with a kick start of HCG, HMG, Proviron & Clomid (I had been off for a while when we were having problems conceiving).
Have you used HCG throughout your use? Have you had any significant time off since college?
My advice would to be get tested asap. Once you know where you’re at you’ll know how hard you need to hit it, it may be a long process however.

I didn’t start until my senior year of college. I was in my twenties. Honestly I’ve been on more then off. Never crazy doses just consistent. I used a little hcg here and there. My balls are swelling up from the hcg. Hopefully it means something.