Trying to Qualify for the US Masters

First time poster, long time reader :slight_smile: After a couple of years of layoff I am back lifting. I used to lift to compete in martial arts then the highland games. After a blown patellar tendon, I lifted to get back on the field one last time so I could walk off on my own.

So my chiropractor buddy and I got to talking and are going to try and qualify for the US masters Olympic Lifting worlds in 09. Being 39 and not lifting seriously in 2 years, and needing to drop from a fat 218lbs to a fit and strong 190lbs…this should be fun :slight_smile:

Welcome and it’ll be great to see some workouts from someone training specifically for Oly lifting.

I read your bio, how are the highland games going? After blowing my patellar tendon and meniscus issues coupled with a left labrum tear (Sheaf) I said enough of that! Besides, I just dont have time for 7 events any longer.

In addtion to the O lifting, I am thinking of picking up the shot and discus myself. It should be fun.

My T&F schedule is pretty full for the next couple of months so I’m concentrating on that. We usually have one local highland game and if we do I’ll try and make it. Let me know if you decide to start throwing and I can give you some links.