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Trying to Put on Weight for the Past 2 Months


I've been working out/training over the past two years now and I've gained approximately 25lbs. I am 175lbs now at 6'2 and have been trying to put on weight for the past few months. Do you have ANY suggestions that will help me to increase size and gain weight? from rest periods, to workouts and exercises? Thanks


It's called food. You'll need more and more once you start gaining muscle mass and it starts to burn more calories.


Tell us what you eat in a day (no guestamating or exaggerating) and then we can evaluate...9 times out of 10 it's lack of calories! Eat until it hurts...if you don't gain weight, then see a doctor! If you're eating and lifting heavy..then you're growing. Make sure you're eating 1.5g of Protein per body weight. Christ! buy some hamburger!

&*^%$# Now I'm hungry!


Fuzzyapple is correct. No amount of training, "super program", exercise selection, rest periods, etc will elicit the kind of weight gain you are seeking without the proper amount of nutrients.

You can't make something out of nothing.

Two things can help get you on the right path:

  1. Keep a food log, and be as accurate as possible. The simplest strategy, is to record exactly what your'e currently eating and drinking. If you've been hanging around the same weight (and body composition) for a while now, this is most likely about your "maintenance" level requirements. Just enough to keep you at your current weight, but not too much to add weight or too little to lose weight.

  2. A VERY GENERAL equation you can use to determine APPROXIMATELY how many total calories you need to gain weight would be to:

Multiply your current bodyweight (if you know your lean body mass, it would be better, but I'm assuming you don't) by 20-22 cals per pound.

175 x 20 cals = 3500 cals per day
175 x 22 cals = 3850 cals per day

Start with that. No need to figure out macronutrient percentages or any of that right now. You just need to establish a baseline caloric level, and go from there. Just be sure that the majority of those cals come from protein, and fats.....the carbs will take care of themselves, they always do, as in people can't control how many they eat, regardless of their goals...can't seem to give them up.

So, if you record what your currently eating and it comes out to be a lot less than the above examples, it's time to boost it up. Start with about 500 calories per day....by adding a another meal

If you're already eating more than the top number (3850), it's time to eat more and again, start with an extra 500 calories per day.

Keep it very simple in the beginning. The simpler it is, the more compliant you'll be in the long run.

While there other numerous factors to consider in regards to improved body composition, start with these two basics things, and I bet you'll immediately see where you can make improvements.

Hope that helps.


The forum stickies and the search function answer this question about a million times over. It's kind of what the site is all about.

You don't mention diet at all. I'm guessing you think it's unimportant. It's not.


Food log. There is no substitute. None at all. Find out what you are eating, then add more.


ohhh no I do know that diet is important. I am currently in a Kinesiology program at York University and I know the importance of diet during resistance training, and I have even bought a weight gainer for post workout as well. I know that diet is very important and I eat a lot of dense calories throughout the day and consume every 2 hours, but the gaining is still difficult. I guess I will start eating more. Thanks guys.


Drink a gallon of milk a day if you can take it, haha.


Oh wow! I am a Kin Student at York as well! Who are your professors? We should workout together sometime!


Okay sounds great! I'm actually graduating in the fitness and health promotion diploma program at Humber College, and I've applied and coming to York U as of next fall in the second year of the Kin program! I'm excited for it, how are the profs and the program in itself?


Whoa, whoa, whoa! I thought you said you were currently in the Kin program... did you lie to us?


The program and the profs are shit! They don't know anything! All I want to do is be the biggest human on the planet, and all they teach us is Mitochondria shit!


WTF is this "food" you speak of? Is it legal, or do i have to get it from my dealer?


Well, in my program right now, we learn a lot that happens physiologically including mitochondria, lactate and ventilatory thresholds, and hormones; and much more, but for my program all that happens physiologically in the body is applied to exercise, so it's very useful but I have heard that york is a lot more theoretical as opposed to practical applications in my program.

I am excited to apply what I've learned into york's kin program, I'm excited to start because I know that what I learn in physiology and exercise physiology can be applied to resistance training in terms of getting stronger and gaining mass, but I feel as if it's not working for me when I applied what i've learned into my program, but my meal plan is not the greatest, so you guys are right, it must be my lack of nutirents, although I do eat around 2800-3100 kcal/day.


I wish you were around when i started out.


All you really got to do to get big is:
Train, say your prayers and eat your vitamins! Be true to your self, true to your Country! BE A REAL AMERICAN!