Trying to Perfect My Protocol, Could Possibly Help Others

My Focus of this thread is E2 and HCG and how its effecting my body

When I started HCG mono I was doing 500I.U EOD and I never used a AI starting out but for the first two weeks I felt cured everything was going great (errections,energy,focus) as if nothing was ever wrong with me to begin with. After that about my 3rd week things started to change back to having all the problems again. when I got labs done after 4 weeks my E2 went up to 74 ( <or=29)
Now my doctor put me on .25 twice weekly and we reduced the dose of HCG to 300I.U EOD and it brought my E2 down too 21pg/ml. But this did not make me feel any better. For sum reason I could get back to the way I felt when I first started HCG mono those first 2 weeks when I was feeling like my old self again.

Now Im 29 yr/ol and all of my problems such as (ED,Energy, Feeling weak ect…) started last year. I am now on TRT and for all those Gentlemen out there that is wondering If they should try HCG mono I will tell you now that there is a huge difference and TRT is the way to go. It cant hurt to try HCG mono because I tried it for maybe 3 months and Ill tell you this. Its way better then having nothing but once you get passed being scared of trying TRT trust me you will feel the difference and I say this because I have read threads about guys asking If they should try HCG mono and wondering if there is a difference between the two and I was that same guy asking those same questions.


But like I sad I am on TRT now here is my protocol. T 100/mg split into 2 dosages Monday and Thursday. I was taking my A.I 24hrs after but after reading countless post from @KSman I have now started taking my A.I the same days of my injections. My A.I dosages is the same as it was when I was on HCG mono which is .25 twice weekly and I am also take 250 I.U of HCG EOD

Now heres the crazy part Remember what I told you about how i felt really good the first 2 weeks of HCG mono. The first 2 weeks of TRT I felt even better then I have ever felt in my life. The 3rd week things went bad just like the 3rd week of HCG mono. Now by this time I already knew what the problem was because I was having nite sweats and I just didn’t feel like my self and I already knew that It has to do with high E2. So got labs done it came back too 64pg (<or=29pg/ml).

For sum reason it seems like I need more A.I on the TRT+HCG protocol. So I am going to bump my A.I dosage too .25 three times a week.

My questions are
Im taking .25 of A.i with 50mg T injection on Monday and .25 of A.I with 50mgT injection on Thursday. Now is it ok for me to take a 3rd .25 of A.I on Saturday by its self or does all A.I need to be taken on injection days only?

Also How long do I give this new A.I protocol too see if it works because this seems to be the problem with a lot of guys. The biggest fear is crashing your E2. So I don’t know if adding a 3rd .25 of A.I to my weekly protocol will be too much or if it will be perfect but one thing is I defiantly don’t want to crash my E2 so how do you you level things out is the big question?

I have read as many stickies as i can. What I have seen about the recommended dosage for the HCG is 250I.U EOD. Now lets define EOD. There is 7 days in a week so does EOD mean M,W,F or does it mean literally EOD because if it literally means EOD this means you total weekly dosage of HCG will be 1000 I.U. and not only that the days that you inject you HCG will be different every week so is there anyone that could clarify this?? because as of rite now Im injecting literally EOD and was wondering Is this too much and could this be contributing to my high E2

Just so you know starting next week I will be injecting T EOD due to low SHBG which is 15nmol big thanks too @systemlord for letting me know this

I responded to this in your original thread.

Anastrozole is a competitive drug. Competing with T at aromatase enzyme reaction sites. With E2=64 and a target of E2=22, you can easily do 0.5mg anastrozole at time of injections. A calculated dose of 0.25mg X 64/22 seems to high, so one step at a time. Dosing inconsistencies can affect E2 lab result and lead to wrong dosing changes.

You can dissolve anastrozole in vodka, 1mg/ml and dispense by volume or by the drop to get arbitrary doses and not be locked to 1/4mg increments. Also google liquid anastrozole.

E2 levels are also determined by liver clearance rates and some drugs and liver conditions can have effects too.

You mean something like this.

thats common knowledge. Cleary you read alot that’s awesome :hugs:but do you actually have any experi.ce outside your moms basement say a weight room. Or have you actually taken these chems you say are this and that? I’m thinking no. Its easy to sit on the sideline and tell people what to do its another to show them.

@KSman I agree with you that dosing inconsistencies can affect the E2 Labs results and can lead to wrong dosing changes.

So here is my question I don’t want to do more then .25 three times a week what ever that dosage equals too im not too sure.

So would you suggest that I do 0.5mg at one injection and then .25 at another that will equal too .25mg three times.

Also my SHBG is at 15nmol so I am gonna try switching to EOD injections what do you think I should do about my E2 dosing at that point ??

More labs just came in
TT= 994 (250-1100ng)
FT=291.2 (35.0-115pg)

@KSman can you educate me just a little more about live clearance and how it effects my E2 and how can I test my Liver clearance because @systemlord just mentioned it to me in another thread and now that both of you have brought it to my attention I am very interested to learn about it .

But also can you still help me with the questions that I asked above about how to take me E2