Trying to Perfect my Deadlift Form

Hey T-Nation

Another form check thread for you. I’m really trying to perfect my deadlift form right now.

I’ve been making fantastic gains on my deadlift lately. Every week for like the past 3 months I’ve been doing 5 sets of 3 for deadlift (work sets), and I’ve been able to add 5 lbs to every set each week, up until last week. Last week, I successfully got 5x3 @ 405, but it was NOT pretty. Almost every rep was a serious grinder, and I could just feel that my form was progressively breaking down and going straight to hell (no videos unfortunately).

Rather than jump up to 410 this week, I’ve decided to back it down a bit and focus more on a good and consistent form. The last thing I want is to hurt myself and have to start all over again.

So this week I just stuck with 5x3 @ 375, and took videos of each set. I’m hoping to get some feedback from some of the more experienced members here.

Here are the videos of each of my 5 sets. Please critique my form relentlessly. You might not care to spend the time to watch all 5 videos, but if you could at least take a look at the first and last videos (where I am least and most fatigued, respectively), I would greatly appreciate it.

First Set:

Second Set:

Third Set:

Fourth Set:

Fifth set:

I don’t see anything that would be holding back your progress but the way you re-bend your knees when you are close to lockout is weird and could get you red lights for hitching or ramping, especially if you start to stall there.

If 5x3 isn’t working anymore then move onto something else. You can’t make linear gains forever.

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It looks really good except for the weird lockout like Chris said. Might have to tweak it up a bit to get it looking sexy. Maybe this can help

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Yeah I was kind of afraid of that.

Do you think this could be indicative of a particular muscular weakness? Or is this just a bad habit that I’ve developed over time?

I feel like I do this in order to help me drive my hips through. But it’s hard to say for sure, as this is the first time I’ve ever watched myself deadlift.

I’ll make a serious effort to not do this on my next deadlift session

Yeah, you’re probably right. Might be time to hop on 5/3/1. Man, I’m gonna miss adding weight to the bar every week

Great video, thanks!

most likely

Did you do that “re-bend” thing with your knees on lower weight?

It looks like you are using your legs to “bounce” the weight up past a certain point.

If its because its too heavy, drop down and get your form correct before progressing.