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Trying To Maximize My Neuromuscular Potential


yesterday i tested my squat after some months at my new bodyweight(70kg)and 162.5kg on bar hehe :slightly_smiling:
problem is i got pretty insecure and it was not ATF i know... BUT i was pretty sure i hit parallel when i was doing it (but i was hesistant to ATF this weight). but after wathing in on the video i dunno if i ever hit parallel.. whats your opinion? i also train heavily with olympic lifts... is it wise to go that heavy on squats once in a while or would it be very taxing on the cns??? i also notice that my progress slows down on certain lifts (squats, weighted chins)? is this normal? i only weight train for like a year... or could it be ovetraining?



You haven't given us any information on your routine, only that you've been doing some max squat attempts "once in a while" along with some olympic lifts. More info is needed to give you any kind of advice.

I did notice that your legs looked pretty shaky there when you unracked the weight.


If you're not even experienced enough to feel whether or not you've hit parallel, you're not experienced enough to be testing maxes.

I hope by "training heavily with Olympic lifts" you mean heavily as in often and not heavy weights.

You clearly have no idea what you're doing. Stop worrying about testing how much you can lift and CNS fatigue and work on form, technique, and fer fuck's sake PROPRIOCEPTION.