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Trying to Master the Squat

I’ve been trying to master the squat is one of my fitness goals and after reading brawn, I know it is the basis of all my goals if I really want to get big.

I went into the gym, and tried to do the 20 rep scheme…how wrong I was.

Here is what happened, I loaded, an olympic bar, off a squat pully with 250 lbs, I have been training myself to squat for a minute now, so I was all gung ho about 20.

I did about 3, before I felt my balance getting a lil stupid and pushed up and loaded the bar.

I switched the Smith machine and dropped the weight, to 200 lbs, I still dropped my ass damn low, probably past parrallel, I squat really low, but could only pump out 5.

Mind you, after these sets, I had a lil bit of sweat on the neck but I definetely didn’t feel the same as if I do 80 body squats in a row.

I upped the number of sets, I alternated between the smith machine and the pully, for 8 sets. I’m sore today.

On the smitch machine, I tried to load it with 300 and only popped out one, albeit grudgingly.

I’m describing this because here are my questions.

Is it possible to do high rep squat schemes by yourself? In Brawn they seem to espouse, but I just don’t really know how you’re going to push yourself to dizzy point with 300 lbs loading on your shoulder, and noone there to see you through on it, if you fall backwards from exhaustion.

I used the Smith machine because I thought it would benefit me but…the Smitch machine fucks up my form and wasn’t that much more help ful.

The other thing is, the way my anatomy is, I don’t know if others have this problem but, when I load the squat bar on my shoulders, and spread my hands either close or wide grip. They feel pinned, maybe it because my arms are short, but I can’t feasibly see myself throughing the squat bar off my back after doing squats and going to rep 18 and feeling like I’m going to vomit.

To further this pinned feeling, my shoulders and upper back, are very sore after I do squats, more so than my legs.

If I am trying to master the squat, and have been trying this way. How would be the best way, to reach my goal of the 20 rep, schizophrenic episode squatting w.o a training partner? Is that even realistic?

I personally think 20 is a little over doing it. I’m a 10, 8, 6 guy or sometimes ever a 12, 10 8.

Well its says if you can make 20, thats when you’re in GROWTH lifting in Brawn. However, I just don’t know how I’m going to do it, this is one of the great hurdles in my training. I feel like if I can get to twenty rep squats, then everything will be cake from there.

BTW, you’re from Missouri, where do you lift?

I would work on your form and technique before worrying about 20 rep squats. Lighten the load and learn how to do them properly.

If this does not increase your squat, then I’m not sure what will:

You’re link is bad.

I saved the site if anyone wnats it I can email it to you if you cant access it.