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Trying to Make Sauerkraut, Does This Look Right?


So this is the brine on day 3…it doesn’t smell like it’s rotting or anything, the liquid just looks kind of brown, which is concerning. I followed directions perfectly, so I’m hoping things didn’t go awry, because this is supposed to be the easiest fermented food to make…



Looks good to me. I make my own sauerkraut on the regular - can’t get enough of the stuff. Don’t be afraid to stick a fork in there and taste it. What is the temperature in your house/where you’re brewing it? I live in FL where it’s a bit warmer and three days is perfect (average temp during the day in my house is about 76F).


If you want to have something even easier to make, make Kefir Kraut. You just get a Kefir grain and put it in a jar with sliced cabbage, water and a little bit of salt. It takes about a day or two to be finished and since the Kefir is highly active in providing bacteria and fermentation, it can hardly go wrong.


Yeah it’s turned out pretty well it looks like, still sitting on a shelf in my closet, definitely not rotting, and looks like kraut! It’s about 65 in my place, winter in Boston right now


Wait…you can make kefir kraut??? I’m already making kefir as well…didn’t know this was a thing. How does it taste? Do you need water-kefir grains, or will the regular milk-grains do?


I just use the normal kefir grain. Actually I was surprised how easy and quick it was. It tastes very nice (for me even better than sauerkraut), but it might smell a little “methany” after opening the jar. Does not impede the taste though.


Here is a pic of some homemade kraut that a friend of mine gave me. They are big in the cabbage business. They make this is 750lb drums. He had 10tonnes in his basement at one point several years ago. He said the entire house smelled of it lol

This I made with red pepper flakes, onions and carrots. This is 3 weeks old I believe he said. He told me it is ready but in another couple weeks will be a bit more sour tasting.

Frickin’ delicious.