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Trying to Lose Weight

So i was told to try this forum, i am new to the T-Nation forums. I typically just stock the FB page and read the articles.

A little about what i am doing. I am on a 8 week program. I am on a carb sensitive diet. SO my body is doing Ketosis. “Tricking” my body is what my coach suggested.

I had my son August 2018. I left the hospital not looking like i had a baby :slight_smile: … started breastfeeding, six weeks in i plumped up like 25 pounds. Im no longer breastfeeding.
I am on week three, down 6 lbs, and not sure about inches yet as i will be measuring this weekend. I will attach my plan.

My diet is on a pretty high deficit. I eat oatmeal in the morning, 2 hours later i eat 2 boiled eggs/or replace with egg whites, for lunch i eat tuna and 1 cup of green vegetables, two hours later i will eat a healthy snack. When i get home before work out i will do like rice cakes (2) or banana with 1tbsp PB. After i work out i take my protien shake. For dinner i eat white fish and again 1 cup of green vegetables. With dinner only 3 times a week i get 1/2 cup of jasmine rice. This meal plan is 7 days a week.

I take SST’s in the morning and then with meal 1 and 3 (breakfast, Lunch) i take fish oils, d3, pribiotic, prebiotic…etc)

I am trying to remember all weight lose is a marathon not a sprint, just gets DE-Motivating when im not seeing some pretty hard core results :slight_smile:

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You’ll get there. Too fast isnt good either, indicates that too much muscle is being lost.

What’s your calorie intake? Current stats?

@studhammer I Have a pretty high deficit. My numbers are at home. I am at like a 1200/1400 depending on days that i have the rice.
I will weigh myself this weekend and also measure. I will add starting stats and the end of week 3 stats and before and current photo. I see myself everyday so to me i may not see a change that an outsider would see.

Based on your profile pic, it doesn’t look like you need to lose weight.

Well thank you, that was over the summer, so you know how we get those extra fluffy pounds during the winter.

Here is some perspective. I did her program 2 years ago, and this was my final 10 week result. Now i am back to the before pic…! If not a little heavier


I’d be careful at those numbers. Starvation diets arent good for muscle retention.

Go look at this brother’s training/diet log for some really good information.

If you use T-Nations weight lose numbers then you get 11 calories per pound. I would be setting at a 1700 calorie intake. Now that would be on a given normal diet, but im carb sensitive and so i am doing what you would call “ketosis”

You might look at getting some metformin, it will make you more carb resistant

@jackolee im tagging you because you were mentioned below…any input?

@studhammer Dude, the lady wants to get healthy. Don’t give her advice to take rubbish. This is some serious stuff which can hurt her physiology. :frowning:


What are you calling “rubbish”? Metformin? The DOCTOR recommended medication for carb resistance and overall anti-aging properties?

I need to apologize here. Considering your user name and the pic, I thought you were the young man in the pic. Sorry.

Women in general have a harder time losing weight. Mostly due to their hormone profile. You’re going to have to ramp up your metabolism to shed the bodyfat. That means LOTS of activity, frequent meals, increasing muscle mass, etc.

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:slight_smile: as you can see in my before and after pic the first time around, which is when we found out i was carb sensitive, i didnt need anything extra but a pretty strict, self disciplined, diet. Only thing i took that was not a natural way of losing weight was my SST’s in the morning for my boosts. I dont take anything extra as i know if i can do it once all natural i can do it again

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Help me out here. What are SSTs?

That’s pretty good progress! You are on route and I don’t see what all the fuss is about. If you had of said 3 weeks and zero lb lost, then I would be inclined to comment further. If something isn’t broke don’t fix it. Once you hit a snag then either reduce calories slightly or in your case at 1700 I would consider increasing cardio output instead slightly and monitor that change over the next 2-3 weeks. A simple 20-30 min walk at an incline would do for starters

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I definitely understand the desire to see results NOW! but 2 lb/week is a good rate of loss, maybe even a bit much to be sustainable long term but definitely okay for an 8-week blitz. Like studhammer said, Jacko seems to have nutrition down to a science, so I’m not going to add anything there. One comment though. From everything I’ve read, you’re definitely low carb, but it doesn’t look like you’re low enough to stay in ketosis with oatmeal every morning, rice cakes or a banana in the afternoon, and the trace carbs you get from the vegetables. I’m not recommending a keto diet by any means, just an observation, if ketosis is your goal.


I’ll read up and respond later this afternoon. Be happy to offer my two cents

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Ok so I could turn this into a novel but I’ll try not to…

I agree with what @OTHSteve said about the carbs. If your goal is ketosis the diets a bit of a mess. In ketosis you are depleting your glycogen stores. Your body processes carbs and converts them to glycogen. You then use glycogen for energy. You only have so much storage. If you give yourself more carbs than you have storage your body converts it to fat. In ketosis you deplete your glycogen stores and force your body to use fat for fuel. In this state your liver produces ketones that fuel your body as well. If you are having oatmeal and rice cakes every day you are definately not in ketosis.

To follow a keto diet properly you need roughly 75% fats 20% protein and 5% carbs. The bulk of the carbs will come from fiberous veggies.

I would recommend a high protein, moderate carb, low fat diet.

For an active person take your body weight x 15. This is a rough estimate of your total daily energy expenditure. For me 166 x 15 = 2490. A reasonable and sustainable rate of fat loss is around 1lb per week. That’s around 3500 calories. So let’s shoot for a 500 calorie deficit daily. Per the example above we’d be looking at 1990 calories. Just plug in your stats. When I do mine I use 16 as a multiplier asI’m very active FYI. I would follow a 45% protein 35% carbs and 20% protein macro split. So 40-45 grams of fat, 223 protein, and 175 carbs.

Split this into 5 smaller meals. Try to limit carb sources to slower digesting low GI foods. I would choose oats, potatoes, sweet potatoes,rice, brown rice, occasionally whole wheat toast or pasta, rice cakes.

Any lean meat for protein, I supplement whey as well. Also I like dat free cottage cheese.

Following this plan you won’t need to really add any fat sources as 40-45 grams will be made up quickly as traces from your other food.

Eat frequently and in smaller portions and track everything. If your not losing cut 100-200 calories from carbs or up exercise. Make adjustments as you go and be patient.

The biggest “secret” I can offer you is consistency over time. Make smart choices and you’ll loose the weight.

If you want to follow a keto plan I can help you with that too. Let me know if you have any questions.


Im gonna do one long post here. I apologize i didnt write back yesterday…i was in time out for maxing out as a new user on responses. @jackolee I’ve read about Keto here recently on T Nation. I guess i dont understand how you can have some of the things (cheese, bacon, etc…) So im not sure if that is really what i want rather than just a very low carb diet. So i would like to revamp my diet to help my metabolism a little better. I feel like some days im not eating enough because im sick of eggs, sometimes skip a snack. I feel heavy and sluggish after oatmeal. I guess im just to new, and have always had a coach tell me what i need. I am no longer with a coach, to ask her…so i have no clue what my protien/carb/calorie intake should be at. This program she wrote for me after i had my son August 2018 and i am doing it again as the first time i just mentally couldn’t follow through with the 8 weeks from being so drained. Now im prepared and ready.

@Rizla81 I am not at a 1700 calorie, i just meant that if i did the recommended calorie intake for my weight thats what i would be at. Im more at like a 1200/1400 depending if i have rice. I do cardio of 30 to 45 min a night on the treadmil but i make sure to keep my heart rate in that fat burn phase.

@studhammer SST’s are this … Suspension Super Thermogenic
Ballistic Body Energy, Fat Metabolism, Enhanced Mental Focus
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I am going to post my check in measurements and photos