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Trying to Lose Fat & Gain Mass?


Dear all,

has somebody ever tried to lose fat and gain lean m. mass at the same time?

Does it possible to gain some lean m. mass?



you can when you are a newbie


Nope no one in the history of the world has ever tried that. I'm sorry, what does "does it possible to gain some lean m. mass," mean? Seriously, there are many variables to that (losing fat gaining muscle) but generally by following a good nutritional plan with a good exercise program (cardio and weights) this can be done given a realistic time frame. If you expect it in one month you will likely be disappointed, but if you follow the guidelines above you can make some dramatic changes in a year or more.



It depends on how much fat you're starting with. If you're carrying a bunch, yes you can. If you're already pretty lean, not pharmaceutically enhanced and or a genetic mutant, good luck.


You can definitely lose fat and gain lean mass at the same time - presuming that your diet and exercise regimen is not already top notch, and I know it's not.

Just clean up your diet (get rid of all poor nutrient sources, stick with good carbs, good fats, and varied protein sources). Make sure your rep range is 8-12 for most (90%) of your lifts, and reduce your rest periods to < 1.5 minutes for lifts in the 5-8 rep range. Add in a good bit of cardio, start doing heavy cleans and snatches three times a week. Get in the gym to lift 4 days a week. Sleep properly. You'll be lean and jacked if you stick with it.


I would recommend the anabolic diet. I lost 10 pounds of fat while making muscle gains in 4 weeks, and this was after 3 years of serious training. You will have to follow it perfectly, and be in the exact right calorie range though.